Best Websites to Read Books Online

best websites to read books online

Gone are the days when we used to carry piles of books everywhere we went. Surely, there is nothing more pleasant than the smell of a newly bought book or the sound of those crinkly pages of an old classic borrowed from the library, but in the present-day, seldom do we experience that joy as much since we have the liberty of having thousands of e-books in our hands. From having, gadgets designed specifically for readers to numerous apps that let users purchase and rent books online, the entire process of reading and enjoying a book is slowly shifting to digital.

Not only can one person have multiple books at hand without carrying the weight of them, but e-books are cost-effective and save paper as well. The only negative point is that too much screen time can put a strain on your eyes and neck and result in a headache but with proper reading glasses or controlled reading times, reading in good light, and not compromising on the smart device, can resolve such issues.

In today’s article, we have compiled a list of websites where you can read online fiction and non-fiction of any genre both free and by paying. Some of these websites offer bestselling books; others give birth to budding writers – all of which are a treat for the reader, alike.

The list is based on popular views, reader feedback, ratings, and our personal preference. Before we get to the list, it is important to mention that some of the following platforms require stable internet service to load properly. So, if your internet provider is troubling you, cancel your subscription and sign up for a better service like CenturyLink Internet, which comes with incredible internet speeds, and CenturyLink customer service phone number is there for you 24/7 to help you if something goes wrong with your network. With that said, let us discuss the best websites on the internet to read online:

1.  Wattpad

Perhaps one of the most popular reading and writing websites, Wattpad is an amazing free book website, loaded with great content, both fiction and non-fiction. It offers the user to upgrade later on, but even if one does not want to, Wattpad is a remarkable place to find superb talent and write as well. The books can be liked, added to the library and the website acts as a social platform for like-minded people where people can post on walls and inboxes.

The users can also start threads understories and be updated when their favorite writer uploads a new chapter. Furthermore, Wattpad has the annual “Watty Awards” where cash prizes are given to the runner-ups and winners. What an exciting time to be alive!

Our Rating: 10/10

Fun fact: The ever-so-popular “The Kissing Booth” series on Netflix was written by a twenty-five-year-old Wattpad author named Beth who earned the Watty Award in 2011. In 2016, Netflix ordered its adaption into a movie and currently, the movie is one of the best chick flicks on the streaming platform!

2.  Electric Literature

If you like your content filtered and great in terms of grammar, tense, storyline, and plot, then Electric Literature is for you. The best part about the website is not only the fact that it is closely monitored and user-friendly, making it a happy and safe space for readers but the fact that it features short stories, which are quick snippets so it’s much like getting a quick fix. Each Wednesday, the editors closely choose a short story to recommend from the submissions on the website and that story gets constructive criticism and feedback from the readers.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

3.  Teen Ink

A bestselling NY Times magazine with an online website, Teen Ink is for preteens and teens under the age of twenty. The content is both written and read by young adults and the websites include a chatting option to make it a lively place. The best content is featured and sent via email and the editor’s choice makes it to the magazine. If your piece makes it, then Teen Ink sends you that month’s magazine with a few goodies and a congratulatory letter.

 This popular website has Stephanie Meyer – Twilight’s author as their editor! Even though short stories and interesting concepts make it to the magazine, the website is mostly for young poets.

Our Rating: 9/10

4.  The New Yorker

Like they say, ‘Old is Gold! , the New Yorker started in the 1940s and provides the most valuable and thought-provoking fiction. Each time, one piece is chosen and published under each category, addressing a major issue. Readers can indulge in some of the top works by the nation’s best writers.

However, upon subscription, they can unlock have access to more content, podcasts, and every magazine published since 1925! The cherry on top being the read-aloud feature. The New Yorker also has an app available for both Android devices and iPhones.

Our Rating: 10/10

5.  Fictionaut

This website might need some struggling to get to because it’s invite-only for it features remarkable content by recognized and relatively new writers alike. The place features short stories and poetry mainly, but other creative content is also welcome. Users can read around 15,000 stories free and can engage in communication with each other, on topics regarding literature, outside of the writing and reading bubble.

Our Rating: 9/10

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