How Can AI Make Your Mobile App More Human?

Mobile app development involves intricate and unique processes that sometimes are even beyond human reach. Artificial intelligence is creating a remarkable impact on businesses gradually and certainly. And to make mobile applications more human-like and interactive for users, AI-based features are incorporated in mobile apps these days. 

You must probably be reading this article on your smart device. This modern age has a lot stored for us when it comes to convenience and ease using technological advancements. AI-powered mobile applications will truly render a personalized user experience that is unforgettable and utterly engaging. 

AI has gained momentum amongst all the media platforms and is now being used in various fields to enrich the user experience. Some of the best examples include Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, that function in user-centric ways to deliver the best outcomes. 

This one must surprise to you, but as of now, almost 37 per cent of the enterprises worldwide have incorporated AI tech into their business operations. These companies have leveraged AI in various ways, and each year several AI-powered apps are entering the market to offer brand awareness for businesses. 

This blog will begin with a simple introduction to AI, followed by how this human-like intelligence can enhance your mobile app experience. And lastly, we will list some top mobile apps that have implemented AI tech to give it a more human touch. 

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

AI is the human-like intelligence in machines or robots. It is a machine with the ability to greet and resolve queries like humans. AI aims to take actions with the best possible results, and it improves user experience by evaluating user information. 

Moreover, AI even helps app developers to get a sense of user preferences and choices, ultimately helping them make more suggestions based on their likings and take. For example, Netflix, Spotify, Myntra, etc. This clearly states how artificial intelligence identifies the significance of human behaviour. 

AI-based recommendation engine helps receive profound information based on app users’ preferences, searches, purchase patterns, and more. This will ultimately enhance client-side and server-side experience giving them a personalization feel as AI is a human-like machine that processes information more quickly. 

How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enhance your Mobile App User Experience?

  • Improve User Experience

Nowadays, brands are more focused on rendering their customers a personalized experience. App users also expect businesses to offer exceptional experiences when it comes to UI/UX design, content, and app navigation. 

AI uses algorithms based on users’ past choices to suggest products and services and notify them personally. 

  • User-Centric Suggestions

After a couple of months of launch, the app fails to create adequate engagement due to a lack of proper marketing techniques and inadequate to fulfil users’ needs. 

Several brands consider customers’ likes and dislike to get more traffic on their website and app, leading to conversion. 

  • Enhancing the App UX

AI helps interact with the users by examining their behaviour and buying habits. UI/UX designers count on AI to improve and engage more target users. AI and ML pull the users’ information to understand their behaviour and deliver better user engagement and personalized experience. 

  • Better Location Search 

AI renders a more context-driven UX. AI helps drivers reach their destination easily via mobile apps such as Google Maps or Apple Maps. Thus, several recommendations are made by sensing the users’ location and other factors. 

  • Connect with App Users

Mobile applications store users’ information such as past purchase patterns, search history, behaviour, demographics, etc. AI can evaluate these massive amounts of user information to further connect with them in the best possible way. 

  • Encourage Automation 

AI helps humans make better decisions. And AI has helped reduce human role in the subject of analysis. AI-based tools and devices reduce human need, as technology has got its best to prove as it benefits humanity. 

  • Voice-based Assistance

Many applications use artificial intelligence for voice recognition. For instance, Apple’s Siri is one of the best examples of AI voice assistance. Siri recognizes your voice and adjusts your smartphone accordingly, as per previous experiences. 

  • Logical Thinking

Automation helps mobile app developers perform numerous tasks to deliver a better user experience. Several apps help app users solve their real problems via data analysis through logical reasoning. 

Popular AI-based Mobile Application in 2021

1. Amazon’s Alexa: Voice Assistance App

This voice recognition app can control and assemble all Alexa-powered gadgets. The Alexa app allows users to manage Alexa-based smart home gadgets, receive weather reports, listen to music, and include items in the shopping cart, and a lot more via voice commands. 

This mobile app uses speech-identification tech to recognize user commands and perform tasks rapidly and accurately. 

Key features:

  • Control smart home gadgets
  • Surf information
  • Make notes 
  • View and modify shopping lists
  • Set alarms and reminders
  • And a lot more

2. Hopper: AI-based Travel App

This is a unique travel app to help travellers reserve flights and hotels securely and quickly. Hopper uses AI to evaluate billions of rates and precisely forecast the flight and hotel prices for the future. 

Moreover, it also notifies the customers about awesome travel deals, if applicable. 

Key features:

  • Receive notifications
  • Book cabs, hotels, and flights
  • Great deals 
  • Search and filter
  • And a lot more

3. Tinder: Intelligent Dating App

Tinder is ranked as the top dating app in the US, with nearly 30 billion matches available. It is a top-notch mobile application to meet and date people and match their tastes and likes. 

Apart from the current features like searching and swiping people, this smart dating app has also integrated AI tech for examining users’ swipes and their behaviour to render them an ideal match. Also, AI has enabled the company to detect abusive messages and other safety-related concerns. 

Key features:

  • Upload picture
  • View and Edit Profile
  • Connect and Chat
  • Swipes


With the technology progressing, AI in mobile app development is evolving businesses. Mobile app development companies can use AI tech to personalize the user journey and deliver an incredible experience. Several tech companies have already implemented AI into their mobile apps; what are you waiting for?

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