Signs you need to take your car into an auto repair shop or mechanics

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A yearly vehicle service, or Warrant of Fitness (WOF) service, helps to ensure your vehicle is safe enough to be on the road. This service at your local mechanics checks parts that have worn down, which inevitably happens over time. It also picks up on additional repairs where malfunctions may have occurred. Despite this recommended check, your vehicle may face struggles throughout the remainder of the year, whether that’s from driving in a particular way, through specific terrain or simply random.

Here are some key signs you need to head to an auto repair shop. 

Warning signals on your dashboard

Vehicles have warning signals that light up to help ensure you avoid irreparable damage but most importantly avoid crashing when actions need to be taken. These could include small reminders such as the low windscreen washer fluid signal or more prominent warnings such as the check engine light or brake system light. The great thing about this technology is that it helps avoid the need to check every element within the car frequently. It’s important that you instead take a look at your dashboard periodically and respond to signals accordingly. The more pressing signals will require you to head straight to the auto repair shop or call for advice.

Strange Sounds

A sound is often the result of certain car parts grinding against each other when they shouldn’t be. This is a key sign that you need to take your car into the auto repair shop to either replace an item worn down or fix an area that has malfunctioned. While it can be easy to push it to one side in the effort to save money, you will actually lose money in the long run. It could be something as simple as a small part needing to be replaced, however, leaving it will directly result in larger errors that will cost significantly more to fix or replace.

If the sounds occur every so often, take notice of this and inform your mechanics as soon as you can. On the other hand, if the noises are constant and intense, such as squeaking, grinding, or ticks, it’s advised you stop driving instantly and call a mechanic. It’s not worth your safety to risk driving.  

Feeling your vehicle is being pulled to one side

Often, this sensation means you need to go into your service shop for a wheel alignment service. Driving when there is a pulling sensation will make it more difficult to remain in control of your vehicle, increasing the likelihood of a crash. 

Wheel or floor vibration

Vibrating doesn’t happen unless parts have worn down and need replacing, there is an oil leak on the clutch plate, or the engine mount needs to be replaced or tightened. Your general yearly service, or WOF, often helps prevent such circumstances from occurring. However, if you do notice a vibration or shudder frequently or under certain actions, this is a clear indication that you need to check in with your local auto repair shop.

Brakes acting funny

It’s crucial not to ignore noticeable differences with your brakes due to obvious reasons. The inability to break efficiently when you need to can have dangerous effects. You may notice it is more difficult to break or takes a lot longer for the car to come to a stop. This could be due to either your brake pads being worn down to under 3mm or leaking brake fluid. When your brake pads are worn down, you may also notice a strange sound when you brake. A brake specialists service will undergo the necessary checks and amend accordingly so you can have peace of mind on the road. 
Olivia Fairhurst is a Content Manager for Tony Allen Auto Service, a auto repair service shop in Manukau, Auckland.

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