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Are you entering a new business location or simply need storage solutions for your current workspace? Whether you hold products, are an official industrial warehouse or simply need some organization to your corporate office, an efficient storage solution will smoothline tasks. The reorganization will take time, however, it is worth it in the long run when processes take less time than ever before. 

Remember, it’s important to implement a storage solution that is tailored to your unique business. Gaining inspiration from other diverse and similar businesses is your best route. Here, from decluttering industrial warehouse shelving and cantilever pallet racking, we look into tips that can be utilized to find your personal solution that garners results for you. 

Declutter unnecessary items

Firstly, you should remove clutter from your workspace. During your process to gain organization with your storage solution, you will be adding a significant amount of unnecessary time moving items you simply don’t need. It is worth investing in time to donate and chuck items that no longer hold a purpose. This will give you more time when you do need to access items, avoiding sifting through junk. 

When it comes to the industrial warehouses, employees may need to check systems to see whether items are still required. Ensure all stocktake protocols are undertaken. For offices and other similar locations, simply ensure employees are aware which items are needed again. Some items may be able to be repurposed for future campaigns. 

Look at industrial warehouse shelving structures for inspiration

You may not need industrial warehouse shelving, itself, however, the way in which stock is organized on these is a good inspiration for your business location. This is regardless of industry or what you offer. Equivalent shelving for your desired space, tailored to suit the measurements will mean you can really make use of the space. You can stack shelving against walls or have freestanding shelving in aisles, or even use portable shelving.

Place items on your shelving in a way that makes sense for your business processes. For example, with industrial warehouse shelving, the more popular items will be placed in a more easily accessible location. Place like items with like items to help ensure muscle memory. Magni labels are a useful element to add to industrial warehouse shelving as they stick to metal and can be moved when your set up changes throughout time. 

Invest in cantilever pallet racking for heavy duty items

Heavy duty shelving is required for your larger items first and foremost for safety purposes. You should follow regulations and check items that weigh below the maximum amount stated on certain shelving. 

Items that are difficult to store, such as wood or pipes, are often stored on cantilever pallet racking as the arms can hold them securely unlike additional storage options. Speak to storage specialists to see whether you need simply heavy duty industrial warehouse shelving or official cantilever pallet racking and to invest in a forklift. 

Implementing organization to your business location will directly improve structures within the workplace. Find one that suits you, stick to it and reap the benefits.Olivia Fairhurst is a Content Manager for STACK iT, a storage solutions company providing heavy duty industrial warehouse shelving, cantilever pallet racking and more.

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