Why to choose a moonstone engagement ring

moonstone engagement ring

Searching for a moonstone engagement ring is a great idea. The moonstone is a gem that has been attributed with many meanings and legends. From the time of the Greeks, where it was said to represent life, death, and rebirth, to the more modern associations with love and femininity, this stone is a symbol of many things. But what exactly is a moonstone? And how does it work as an engagement ring choice? Discover all you need to know in this article!

What is a Moonstone?

Moonstone is a semi-translucent variety of aluminum silicate, the most common mineral of the feldspar family. It typically displays a shimmering or glistening effect called “adularescence” due to light being broken down as it bounces off of an uneven surface. Another name for the moonstone is hecatolite.

The moonstone has been used in jewellery throughout history. the Romans believed the stone was derived from rays of the moon. The Greeks also associated this precious stone with the moon. During the Art Nouveau period Rene Lalique used this stone comprehensively in his designs.

The moonstone is thought to symbolize fertility, love and protection so this is why they can be a great choice for an unusual engagement ring. The moonstone has been associated with the game Final fantasy FFXIV, so if you are a gamer who is marrying a gamer then this might be a special and significant choice of gemstone to symbolize your togetherness too.

The Colour of Moonstone

Moonstone is typically seen in shades of white or blue. However, there are also rarer colours such as lilac, pink, and peach. For those looking for a more sparkling gemstone, moonstone can have a silky luster that makes it perfect for setting with diamonds. The rule tends to be that the more see through and transparent the main body of the stone is, and the bluer the adularescence is, then this determines a higher value to the stone. The colour of moonstone is not associated to with the hair dye colour pulp riot moonstone which gives hair a wonderful light lilac tone.

Some of the more transparent and therefore expensive moonstones can be faceted in engagement ring style cuts like the cushion cut for instance. Imagine a cushion cut halo set moonstone engagement ring. It would certainly be a very special ring and perhaps even perfect to be used as a wedding ring too?

Is Moonstone a Birthstone?

Moonstone is not a traditional birthstone, however it can sometimes be an alternative birthstone to the Pearl for the month of June.

What Does Wearing a Moonstone Mean?

Moonstones are the perfect gemstone for someone who appreciates the intricacies of life. They are the stone of reflection, introspection, and intuition. Moonstones are said to have a calming energy that can reduce stress. The moonstone may represent femininity, nurturing instincts, creativity, intuition, and emotions.

Is Moonstone a Good Engagement Ring Choice?

According to the blog “What’s a Good Engagement Ring to Buy?,” moonstone is best for those who prefer a soft, tranquil stone. It is helpful for alleviating stress and calming emotions. Moonstone is a rare gem that very few people know about. There are many types of moonstone, but the most popular varieties are Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone.

The rainbow moonstone occurs when a multicoloured schiller displays blue with green and orange colours. When this happens it is known as labradorescence. This ring will look amazing on the latest coffin ombre nails on your engagement photos.

The moonstone is perfect for an engagement ring since is signifies new beginnings and inner growth and strength. As a crystal is has many benefits and is associated with the third eye chakra and solar plexus chakra. If you are a cancer, libra or scorpio then this stone also has a place on your finger due to its associations with these star signs.

The stone is thought to help with emotional healing, stabilising emotions and provoking calmness. Intuition should be enhanced whilst wearing this stone, whilst success will also come to its wearers. If you are not getting married than maybe ask your partner to get a moonstone as a promise ring?

It would really seem that if you are not wearing a moonstone ring rightnow – you really need to go and get one since it is associated with everything that most of us need on a day to day basis! From a health perspective the moonstone claims to balance hormones and help with PMS, conception, childbirth and breastfeeding. So if you are looking to have children as soon as you are married this is a great reason to use the moonstone as your engagement or wedding ring.

Where to find Moonstone rings – Best places to buy:

It recent years the place for all things unusual and hand made is Etsy. Etsy is a craft website where sole traders are able to sell their specialist designs without the need for a stand alone store or their own website. Etsy is the perfect place to look for a moonstone engagement ring or other moonstone jewellery. Many people remember the famous moonstone ring worn by bella swan in Twilight, and this is often a design copied as an engagement ring. Pandora are also a great choice for this type of ring in a contemporary design.




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