On the Road: Van Jobs That Will Revamp Your Career

A sedentary life can become tedious in the long run and so can your desk job. If you are sitting on a half-reclining chair, staring at your computer screen for hours on end, closed within the same uninspiring wall, it’s not very stimulating.

With the unsettling events of the past 18 months, many workers have been forced to carry out their 9 to 5 duties from home. However, spending large portions of the working day indoors is not convenient for everyone. Indeed, it can soon turn into a draining routine.

Why not spice up your career and jump at a new adventure on the road? It will give you the chance to stay on the move, change scenery at every commission, and meet new people. In this respect, van jobs represent the perfect solution. They offer, in fact, an array of satisfying, rewarding, and often profitable opportunities.

That said, we take a look at some of the top van occupations that could swerve your career and refuel your daily work routines.


More and more people are enjoying filling up their virtual shopping baskets. They navigate through the online store, click themselves towards the checkout, and wait for the purchases to arrive from the comfort of their home. Therefore, it is not hard to imagine that couriers rock the streets non-stop.

According to Statista, in the fiscal year 2019/2020, over 2.8b parcels were delivered in the UK only. More specifically, delivery company Hermes dropped off around 630m packages between January and December 2020. On 1st December 2020 alone, they dispatched 3.5m parcels. Why not hop into a Vauxhall van and start delivering online purchases yourself? For those who like to be out and about, this van job will certainly suit your persona.

From planning the quickest routes to delivering and greeting excited addressees, there are plenty of fun responsibilities. With flexible working hours (30 to 40 hours per week), copious job ads (2,623 on Indeed as of 11th October 2021), and a solid average salary (£23,896 per year), becoming a courier could be the career switch you have always hoped for.


Manual trades were in high demand in 2020, however, these jobs will always be highly sought after as their skillsets are rather attractive to future employers. Plumbers certainly fit within this category.

If you have the habit of repairing your faulty showerhead or keeping an eye on your house’s water systems, plumbing may be the job for you. One of the most obvious benefits of this role is its generous pay – in fact, plumbers earn on average £34,751 per year.

Grab an industry-recognised qualification, drive your van to your client’s home, and put your technical abilities to the test. With 2,427 job posts on Indeed (as of 11th October 2021), you have the chance to shine… just like a newly installed bathtub.

Street food

Is there anything more fanciful than biting into a portion of street food? If you ‘live to eat’ and enjoy seasoning your own culinary creations, why not taste what it’s like to be in the street food industry?

According to Caterer.com, about one in four Brits opt for street-food-style dining at least once a month. Thanks to the dishes’ appetising appearance, consumers also tend to display their dinner for others, sharing their experiences on social media with specific hashtags. On Instagram, the #streetfood has been used about 10.9m times.

Drive your street food unit to your favourite spot, set up the stall, put your chef’s hat on, and prepare to welcome your guests. Ensure that you have a Street Trading Licence, as well as food hygiene qualifications and food safety assessments, and you are ready to plate yourself into a £1.2b industry.

Dog groomer

It is a truth universally acknowledged that dogs are a man’s best friend. Hence, it is no surprise that 26% of UK adults are estimated to be dog owners. But does the idea of trimming and brushing scruffy pooches have a particular appeal for you? If it does, you may want to reinvent your career and consider becoming a dog groomer.

In fact, Brits have spent £7.9bn on their canine companions in 2020. Since 2005, expenditure in this industry has grown by 170%. As people invest more and more in the wellbeing of their pets, it is arguably the perfect moment to jump into a van and start tending to some uncombed puppies.

Dog groomers tend to have a linear work schedule and can expect to shave dog coats for about 35 hours a week. Moreover, they earn £22,930 on average per year – not bad when you’re spending your workday with friendly and fluffy pooches.


A study found that, on average, British homeowners will redecorate their property 36 times during their lifetime. There’s always someone in need of a coat of paint! 

If you are in search of a profitable opportunity that gets you driving from one building to the next, you could arm yourself with paint rollers and brushes. Painters, in fact, have an average wage of £27,000 per year. Furthermore, they are in serious demand; as of 11th October 2021, there were 1,538 job ads related to painters on Indeed.

By loading your van with all the necessary tools, you will soon be on your way to repair wall surfaces and revitalise houses with a new splash of colour.

Tired of the usual home routine? Looking to embrace a new challenge? A van will certainly take you places! Reinvent your career and find a job that better suits your ambitions.  



















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