Easy Flat Belly Exercises you can do at home without equipment

flat belly exercises

Good flat belly exercises can disappear your growing belly within days. However, it is not easy to find good and easy flat belly exercises. Therefore, we have arranged the list of the top five flat belly exercises that you can do at home without any equipment. Now, you don’t have any excuses like the non-availability of the gym and equipment. All you have to do is learn the following five exercises and start practicing these exercises to improve your health and flat that ever-growing belly. So, let’s dive straight into it and understand these exercises.

Five best and easy flat belly exercises for you

Here are the five best and easy flat belly exercises!

1.    Bird Dog Alternating

Bird dog alternating is the best exercise to improve the stability of the body while improving the overall strength of the body. Furthermore, it is super simple to do it! All you have to do is kneel on your exercise mat and place your hands and knees. Now, raise your one hand in front of your head and raise your opposite leg similarly. In this way, you will improve the overall stability and balance of the body while improving the core of the body.

2.    Froggers

It is ideal for people who want to improve the strength of their whole body because this exercise targets the upper body and lower body simultaneously. To be specific, this exercise targets hamstrings lower back and quads. However, it is not limited to these muscles because it is an exercise for the whole body. It is particularly good for those who want to jump from beginner level to intermediate level and have a weak upper body or knees.  

3.    Oblique side tap

This exercise is ideal for those who want to avoid injuries in the long run by making their body ready to counter these injuries before happening. Oblique side tap targets your side abs while using the muscles of the shoulders and arms. In this way, your body will build core strengths in the areas where most of the injuries happen. Remember, this exercise is far better than stretching as it put more pressure on your side abs and makes them stronger.

4.    Toes lifted Glutes Bridge

This exercise is ideal to build your core, back, thighs, and balancing. To do this, all you have to do is lay straight down on your exercise mat and bring your feet under your knees. Now, keep your toes above the ground and push your thighs above the ground while shifting the weight downward. Do it in a controlled motion and you will be amazed by the results!

5.    Single-Leg Raise

Legs are one of the most important body parts and strong legs help us in various ways. Therefore, one must do the right exercise to make the leg stronger. Single leg raise exercise is the best exercise to improve the core strength of your leg. In this exercise, all you have to do is lay straight down on your exercise mat and raise one leg. Make sure to raise it completely straight and do not twist it. Now bring it back and raise the other leg. It is that simple!

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