Best Tricks To Save To Buy A House In 5 Years

A 32-year-old Chinese woman has made headlines in her country for the austerity advice she has given to those who are interested in saving by giving up all kinds of luxuries. His name is Wang Shenai and his tricks have already been seen by more than 500 million people.

“For some people, spending money makes them happy. On the other hand, I am not happy at all. I feel nervous and anxious when I spend it,” she confessed to the South China Morning Post . Wang is a 32-year-old married woman with two children who has managed to buy two properties in nine years.

According to her account, both she and her husband are able to live on 10% of their salary. Wang, who grew up in poverty, learned to save from his mother, who instilled in him the value of money and the sacrifice of giving up all kinds of temptations.

Wang’s first tip is not to spend money on new clothes. Try to borrow it from your friends or family. As he says, money is only spent on underwear because “it is not a good idea to borrow it from other people.” Despite this, its budget does not exceed 13 euros per year.

Do not spend on clothes, always use public transport or stay away from social life are some of his tips
Another tip is to always use public transport instead of the car. When he can, Wang uses free coupons he finds online to save money on transportation. In addition, they do not spend on furniture either, since when they buy it they are usually second hand or when they find it free.

Wang also recommends not attending events or events that involve not investing a single euro. With this, his social life is reduced to a minimum. He also states that they never go on vacation because that means spending money.

This woman is part of an online group of 400,000 users called Frugal Women’s Federation where she shares her tips to save and spend as little as possible. Her fame has caused many to criticize her on social media, accusing her of “stingy.” “Saving money is nothing to be ashamed of,” confesses Wang.

At the moment, it is unknown what she does and what her salary and that of her husband are, but her experience in the world of advertising and marketing opened her eyes to spend on what she really needs.

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