2021 Colon Triumph of Espadas give Sanchez Oxygen for Pardon

Pedro Sanchez can now head straight for the pardons With two assets already in his backpack lackluster 2021 Colon , who evidenced the division of the rights and his questionable ability to mobilize on a hot Sunday in June in Madrid, and the victory – and ultimately over his eternal rival, Susana Díaz.

The former president of the Junta was literally devastated in the PSOE of Andalusia primaries by the candidate promoted by Ferraz, Juan Espadas , mayor of Seville.

A 38.76% against an overwhelming 55.05% to 99.8% of votes counted. 16.29 advantage points, 5,549 more ballots. An even more bulky punishment inflicted by Sánchez himself in 2017 . It will not take a second round. The dispute was resolved the first time and with a much higher margin than expected.

The scrutiny gave Espadas the advantage from the beginning, but during the day their triumph was not so clear because Diaz’s men had played to inflate expectations.

Finally, the Seville councilor prevailed in all the provinces, except Córdoba, Málaga -with a very tight result- and Almería, in which she won.

In Jaen , the heart of Andalusian socialism, she was directly 2021 Colon Triumph trampled on by the rank and file , obtaining 18.87%, compared to the overwhelming 66.85% of the mayor and the remarkable 13.32% of the third candidate in the running, the university professor Luis Angel Hierro.

The defeat of the general secretary of the PSOE-A has no palliative and is already out of circulation: he did not resign this 13-J but he did announce that he will not present himself at the next regional congress , scheduled for the end of the year. Take a “step to the side,” although not immediately.

Juan Espadas wins the PSOE-A primary elections, with 55% support. In the photo, Espadas celebrates his victory with his team at the party’s regional headquarters in Seville.

Now Ferraz will have to decide whether to keep her in the meantime at the head of the federation or to appoint a manager, but it is not easy because the statutes regulation makes it explicit that the federal leadership can appoint an interim regional direction when the general secretary resigns, and Díaz does not.

Espadas warned that there will be no “bicephaly” , since they have overcome the desire for “change”, the ‘claim’ with which he championed his career in these primaries.

In the next few days the fringes left by these primaries will be resolved, but what is already clear is that Espadas, the one anointed by Sánchez, will compete against Juanma Morenoin the next Andalusians, still undated, and will take over the reins of PSOE-A, the federation that has traditionally pumped blood to the party as a whole, at the end of 2021.

The chief executive and party leader, therefore, gets absolute control of the most powerful territory that had escaped his hands, and he will have the opportunity to put it on time with Ferraz .

Díaz does not retire although he announces that he will not appear at the next congress. Ferraz could liquidate it with a manager, but it would require his resignation first 2021 Colon.

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