What Is The DISC Test And Why It Can Be Important In A Job Interview

Job interviews can be extremely stressful. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Knowing part of the tools that interviewers use can give us something of an advantage, and one of the tools that are used the most lately is the DISC personality graph , a system that the interviewer or human resources manager can use to classify us.

What is the DISC test?
This test tries to identify the characteristics of the personality, detecting certain abilities and trying to find out how someone understands the world and how we react to different circumstances.

The test tries to measure by means of questions what our most natural and most adapted profile is like. The DISC test is an evaluation that measures people’s behavior and emotions based on four personality dimensions. The DISC methodology is based on the work of the psychologist William Marston, and divides the different types of personalities into 4, according to as many factors in a person’s behavior:

  • Factor D (Decision) how we act when making decisions
  • Factor I (Influence) or how a person relates to others and influences them
  • Factor S (Serenity) how we act in the face of changes
  • Factor C (Compliance) tries to measure the level of compliance with the rules

With this, we can get an idea of ​​how an interviewer can evaluate us. If the interviewer shows interest in one of the qualities of a high D , let’s focus the conversation on the objectives, achievements and long-term benefits that the company will obtain by hiring our services.

For a high I , you will respond well to candidates who present themselves as creative, social, and optimistic. A high I is looking for people-oriented, fun, and inspiring individuals.

If it looks like the position is looking for a high S , let’s present ourselves as competent, respectful, and trustworthy. Let’s frame the responses to highlight what is trustworthy, likable, and good under pressure.

Finally, if the interviewer shows an intention to hire a high C , they will respond well to in-depth explanations, data, and attention to detail. A high C looks for people who respond to questions thoughtfully and specifically, and who support ideas with facts (not feelings).

On the internet there are several examples of DISC tests to evaluate oneself and know the profile that we could give in the eyes of an interviewer.

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