Andalusian Government Proclaims That He Is In Very Good Health

With a very careful staging, which included a joint descent down the noble staircase of Parliament and holding arms to project an image of unity, the top officials of the PP Government and Citizens of Andalusia proclaimed this Wednesday in unison: “The Andalusian Government enjoys in very good health ”.

This was said by the president of the Board, Juan Manuel Moreno (PP), and the vice president, Juan Marín (Citizens) , in an act called urgently in the central courtyard of Parliament and that was broadcast live on regional public television, South Channel.

Reactions to the elections in Madrid and the motion of censure in Murcia, live | Aguado, after his dismissal from the Government of Madrid: “I think Ayuso has lost his mind”

The PSOE and Citizens agree on two motions to expel the PP from the Government of Murcia and the City Council of the capital.nIsabel Diaz Ayuso during a press conference announces her resignation in Madrid, Wednesday March 10, 2021.

The turn of Ciudadanos causes a political earthquake in Spain
Both assured that the chained succession of motions of censure and electoral convocation in Murcia , Madrid , Castilla y León and in several municipalities governed in coalition by PP and Cs will not affect the Andalusian pact.

“It is a solid government, in which there is complicity and affection, with a roadmap of modernization and reforms that the legislature aspires to conclude,” said Moreno, surrounded by a dozen television cameras and many deputies from both groups.

The Andalusian president affirmed that his community is going through the worst economic and social crisis in its history “because of the pandemic” and acknowledged that he had received many calls from economic and social sectors conveying concern. “What Andalusia needs is responsibility. Health is the first objective and the second is employment ”, emphasized Moreno.

Andalusia is “an island”
The same words repeated Marín. “There is a lot of noise, but I regret to say to those who predict” the failure of the coalition, that “Andalusia is an island within the instability of Spain and that we are going to exhaust the legislature.”

The coordinator of Citizens also made it clear, to questions from journalists, that the will to continue in the Government is shared by the 21 deputies of the parliamentary group, whom he met before the appearance.

In the group there is a clear division among its members, but not because of governing with the PP, but because of power struggles and differences in strategies regarding the autonomous projection of the brand. “The group is cohesive,” Marín said.

The rapid succession of events that occurred on Tuesday morning with consecutive announcements of the breakdown of the agreement between the two formations worried the top leaders of the PP and Cs in Andalusia. Moreno contacted the national president of his party, Pablo Casado, about the electoral advance in Madrid, “whose circumstances are very different from those of Andalusia.”

But, in addition, the Andalusian president contacted the leader of Citizens, Inés Arrimadas, and his counselor for the Presidency, Elías Bendodo, with the deputy secretary general of Cs, Carlos Cuadrado, according to sources from the Andalusian Executive informed EL PAÍS.

They wanted to clear up any slightest doubt that there is no general operation underway to also destabilize the Andalusian Government, the first non-socialist government of autonomy after almost 37 years of socialist mandates.

From Cs a message of support for the continuity of the regional government was transmitted, according to the aforementioned sources. Andalusia, according to these interlocutors, does not enter the exchange of motions. Marín also spoke with Cuadrado.

The vice president of the Board affirmed that the Government is “in the minority”, assuming that once Vox has requested the early calling of the elections, this group will release ties and consider the investiture agreement settled.

The 11 deputies of Vox are those who so far have guaranteed the absolute majority to the PP and Citizens. “I’m not going to worry about Vox,” said Marín. The ultra party, for now, has limited itself to ringing out the message of its leader, Santiago Abascal, to demand elections now, but has not yet received instructions on whether to slam the door or continue with the game of feints as before.

The Andalusian Government approved the 2021 Budgets at the end of December and since then they assured that it would be the last in the event that the electoral noise prevented the approval of 2022, the last year of the legislature.

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