Tips For Identifying SMS Banking Or Social Security Scams

This September, banks such as Abanca and public organizations such as the General Treasury of the Social Security have warned of very sophisticated phishing campaigns where cybercriminals try to impersonate the bank or a public body. Here are some tips to avoid falling for these campaigns.

What is phishing?
Santander bank explains that phishing is an identity theft attempt: cybercriminals impersonate a well-known and reputable company, institution or service to deceive and steal private data, access credentials or bank details.

How is the presentation of the phishing?
Most cases of phishing are distributed via email or SMS. However, there are also other means of propagation such as social networks, through the creation of false profiles and pages or telephone calls, both to mobile and landlines.

In these messages, the alleged entity or body informs about a problem that the client has and offers a link that will allow it to solve it. The evolution of this type of fraud is causing the page to which this link is sent is increasingly similar to that of the original entity or body. Thus, it is easier to fall into fraud and customers give information about their bank details.

When to suspect a fraudulent message or email

  1. Alarmist messages. The message usually announces security problems, suspicious movements, account deletion or card deactivation.
  2. Badly worded and not personalized messages. Phishing emails often contain poorly constructed or meaningless phrases, words with strange characters or symbols, spelling mistakes, etc. Also, they address the customer by name

How to make sure it is a fraudulent email or SMS

  1. They usually ask for bank details. The message or email does not have to request personal bank details. However, it is very common for this request to be made once the link is clicked. do not hide when they request your personal data or ba Digital.
  2. Look at the direction of the link. It is important to check that the link is reliable. To do this, it is essential to see the full address of the link, which cannot be the same as the original bank.

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