Aragonès Accuses Spanish Government Of Hiding Its Division By El Prat

Aragonès accuses the Government of “hiding its division” by El Prat. The ‘president’ insists on prioritizing the transfer of the management of Catalan airports.

President Pere Aragonès this Friday accused the Government of Pedro Sánchez of trying to “hide its internal division ” around the Barcelona-El Prat Airport expansion project and has demanded the transfer of the Catalan airports. Two days after the Government’s announcement to suspend the investment of 1,700 million euros planned for El Prat, Aragonès has insisted once again on demanding the “transfer” of the airports of Barcelona, ​​Girona and Reus to avoid that in its management the “central interests” that end up “favoring Greater Madrid” and to ensure environmental criteria.

In statements to Catalunya Ràdio, Aragonès stressed that the agreement sealed on August 2 to invest in the expansion of the airport provided that the details of the project would be specified “in the Master Plan”, to be drawn up in the following two years after a debate at the technical table with municipalities and stakeholders involved. Aragonès does not believe that the Government has now withdrawn the project due to the lack of support from the Generalitat, but rather “tries to hide the division” between the PSOE and United We Can in this regard.

In this sense, he mentioned the visit on Thursday of the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, to the La Ricarda lagoon, the natural area threatened by the expansion of the airport. Aragonès has assured that “no councilor” planned to go to the demonstration called for September 19 against the enlargement, despite the fact that last Tuesday the Government spokesperson, Patrícia Plaja, left the door open to this possibility.

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