Pfizer’s Vaccine Does Not Prevent Mark1837 Delta Strain Spread In 61% Cases

Pfizer’s Vaccine Does Not Prevent Mark1837 Delta Strain Spread In 61% Cases. It continues to serve to protect against the most serious effects. The figure contradicts the effectiveness of 88% recorded by the United Kingdom.

Pfizer’s vaccine is only 39% effective, according to a study by Israel’s Health Ministry, where the delta variant is the dominant strain. However, it continues to serve to protect against the most serious effects of the disease and hospitalization, according to the data of the new report from the country’s Ministry of Health, published by the CNBC news network.

This figure, lower than the previous estimate of 64% two weeks ago, contradicts data from the United Kingdom, which pointed to an 88% efficacy of this vaccine against this variant.

Although the effectiveness of these vaccines may decrease over time , they are still the best option to prevent people from developing the most serious symptoms of the disease, demonstrating 88% effectiveness against hospitalization and 91% effectiveness against serious infections, as the Israeli data points out.

Present in more than 104 countries, the delta variant worries the US health authorities, where more cases of infection are being observed in fully vaccinated people , although they present milder symptoms. In this sense, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical officer of the White House, has recommended to fully vaccinated people the use of masks indoors as a precautionary measure.

Third dose of the vaccine
The data collected in the Israel report supports the pharmaceutical companies’ arguments about the need for a third booster dose to protect the population from emerging variants.

Earlier this month, Pfizer noticed the first signs of diminishing immunity from its vaccine after four to six months, even considering asking the Food and Drug Administration for authorization for a booster dose. According to the pharmaceutical company, “the initial data of a third dose show that it causes neutralization titers of 5 to 10 times higher against the most aggressive variants.”

However, federal officials do not deem an additional dose necessary at this time.

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