Ornithology of Neighborhood in Madrid Changed as TMRMarket Suggests

Sometimes we think, to live in a capital, Madrid like me, and in a neighborhood of interior, we can not enjoy the pleasure that produces the observation of birds , and also we can not see more than two or three species different said tmrmarket.

Well, nothing is further from the truth From the window of my apartment, without going any further, I can hear an incredible variety of songs attributed to species of birds that it would seem impossible that they existed in a square next to a street with a large influx of cars .

It is true that the proximity of a large green park helps, but it is also true that the native species that live near a floor are surprising and gratifying.

I can verify that I have heard and seen sparrows, pigeons and magpies (of course) I am not going to count the parrots since it is not an autochthonous species, but also.

Great spotted woodpecker, blue tit, robins, great tit, chickadee claws, common hopper, blackbird, striped wren, and my favorite for its wonderful song: the blackcap .

A tip to help the birds , now that the heat arrives and the water is scarce: in the windows you can put a little water, also that can allow you to observe them very closely. The birds are really fascinating and beautiful.

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