The Greatest Tips for Larger Looking Eyes

larger looking eyes

The larger looking eyes of the big doe eyes create a classic fairytale look. It is striking to have big eyes, and they can contribute to a youthful appearance. Your natural eye shape may not appear quite as large as you’d like. It’s possible to make your eyes appear more prominent with the right eye makeup tricks.

10 Tips for Larger Looking Eyes

Check out these eye makeup tips to make your eyes appear bigger. Let’s have a look!

1.    Bright the Waterline

In the beauty bible, there are several easy tricks for lining your lower waterline. If you want a dramatic difference, you can use a white pencil liner, but we prefer a beige liner, which looks natural and has the same effect.

2.    Cover Up Dark Circle

In the case of dark circles around the eye area, these can create an illusion of shadow, making it look smaller. Under-eye brightening concealer helps create a more youthful appearance by evening out the skin tone under the eyes.

3.    Shape Your Brows to make larger looking eyes

Correctly shaped eyebrows can make all the difference. You can essentially open the eye area by creating an arched shape, appearing more extensive and more spacious. If you want to extend the brow area further, try laminated brows or use a brow gel that keeps your brow hairs in place throughout the day.

4.    Highlight with Eye Shadow

You can use a highlighter to make your cheekbones look good and make your eyes look bigger. It should be used on the brow bone (this will lift your eyebrows), the inner corners of the eyes, and the very middle of the lid to help draw attention to the eyes.

5.    Know the Three Fourths Rule

Try lining only the outer third-fourths of your lash line; this will encourage your eye’s outer corners to be highlighted. It is not uncommon to see some people’s eyes appear smaller when drawing one solid line across their lids. This can also happen when you line them all the way around.

6.    Lift Your Lashes for larger looking eyes

The right pair of false lashes can transform the look of your eyes, so imagine how amazing they would look with mascara. It’s essential to choose false lashes that flatter your eye shape based on whether you have almond, round, hooded or deep-set eyes. Otherwise, you may look more petite.

7.    Create Smoky Eye Look

If you want to go natural or smokey with your eyeshadow:

  • Define the crease.
  • In a no-makeup-makeup look, use a brown shadow in the crease for a dimensional effect.
  • Apply eyeshadow gently with a soft fluffy brush (dark eyelids can make eyes appear smaller).

8.    Never Forget Lower Lashline

If you want that wide-eyed look, apply mascara to your lower lashes for a soft, soft look: For a softer look, use brown mascara or even colored mascara if you like. A bit of eyeliner at your lower lash line will also help to lengthen your eyes. Make your eye look wider by using a soft brown eyeshadow on the outer third. Strict lines can make your eyes look smaller.

9.    Curl Your Lashes

It is elementary to make all the difference with this simple step. Straight lashes can cast shadows on the eye area. When you curl your lashes, they immediately open up the eye area.

10.         Avoid Thick Eye Liner

If you want a makeup look that makes an impact, then creating thick Amy Winehouse-style lines won’t do you any good. Make the light, illuminating colors of your eyeshadow pop by creating ultra-thin eyeliner lines with a fine-tipped liquid liner or a pencil eye pencil.

Larger Looking Eyes – Conclusion

Well-groomed eyebrows can help create balance and harmony to the face and can also be used to bring out your eyes’ best features. I hope above these tips might be helpful for you to look larger your eyes.

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