Our Best Cardio Workouts to lose weight and build endurance

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You must do cardio workouts to lose weight and build endurance! It is as simple as that. Cardio workouts are the ideal exercises because they completely refresh our bodies and improve our core strength while helping us to achieve healthy goals. These goals include building endurance, losing weight, staying fit, and building muscle mass. Therefore, everyone loves to do cardio workouts. However, some beginners find it difficult to understand what cardio exercises they should do. Therefore, we have chosen for you the best five cardio workouts to lose weight and build endurance. So, let’s dive straight into it.

5 Cardio Workouts to lose weight and build endurance

Following are the five best cardio workouts for you!

1.    Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is the ideal exercise to burn fats all over the body while improving the metabolic system and core strength of the body. Jumping jacks are also called star jumps because of the shape of the body while doing jumping jacks. In jumping jacks, we jump while widening our legs and rotating our hands above our heads. Sometimes, people clap with their hands while jumping. It is a full-body exercise that impacts and improves our whole body.

2.    Cardio Workouts – Side to side jumping squats

It is an amazing exercise! Side-to-side jumping squats are ideal for increasing the flexibility and strength of the body. Side to side jumping squats targets various muscle groups like calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, legs, and back muscles. This exercise is ideal for young people because it improves the balance of the body and it helps them to avoid falling while in old age.  

3.    High Knee Run

A high Knee run is ideal to build the strength of the body. High intensity of high knee run targets your hamstrings, calves, hip flexors, glutes, and quadriceps. Indeed, it is a lot! On top of that, it is super easy to do a high knee run. All you have to do is start running while being in one place. Now, raise your knees high while keep running. After it, start leaning a little forward while running and start pumping your arms back and forth. That’s it, you have done it!

4.    Down on the floor jump in/out, close/open

This exercise is ideal to build inner strength and balance of the body. In this exercise, you have to lay down but instead of sticking to the ground, you have to levitate your body with the help of your hands and toes. Now, jump inward with your leg as you are climbing the Earth beneath you. After it pull your legs down immediately as you are going downward and wide open your legs. Immediately after it, close the legs and jump again. That’s it.

5.    Cardio Workouts – Bicycle crunches

 The last best and amazing exercise to lose weight and build endurance is bicycle crunches. Bicycle crunches are ideal to target your deep abs. Furthermore, bicycle crunches improve your core strength while building your leg muscles. Always remember that your hands are for support in this exercise, not for the fast lifting of your head!

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