#LadiesDay2022: A Fashion Forecast for the Royal Ascot

Ascot dress code

Ladies Day is a tradition at any racecourse. The fabulous event encourages women to dress up as much as they like, sporting high-end clothing and stunning fascinators or hats. To ensure your wardrobe is ready, we have created a fashion forecast for this spring and summer.

There are other formal guidelines to follow as well. The Royal Ascot, for example, has multiple dress codes depending on the enclosure you attend. In the Royal Enclosure, women must wear dresses that are the length of their knee or longer. In comparison, the Windsor Enclosure has no official dress code.

If you consider our fashion guide and follow the dress codes where appropriately, you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression on the racetracks.

Chic colour combinations

The Royal Ascot, one of the most anticipated racecourse events, never fails to showcase some of the most fashionable moments of the year. In 2021, fuchsia and black ensembles were among some of the most notable outfits.

To build upon last year’s fashionable outfits, contrasting colours will continue to take centre stage. If you’re considering modelling a contrasting colour palette, here are some combinations to choose from.

You could combine last year’s winner, bold fuchsia, with a striking red. Together, this contrasting combination creates a romantic and experimental look perfect for the racecourse.

Alternatively, you can choose colours that are as bright as the summer sun. Green and yellow, for example, will always be a classic colour pairing. These can also be worn together in a number of shades, from whimsical pastels to rich mustards and emerald greens.

Fashionable fascinators or hats

A chic outfit isn’t complete without the right accessories. More than anything else, a fashionable fascinator or hat is emblematic of racehorse events. They come in a range of colours, styles, and sizes. Newcastle Ladies’ Day saw a collection of magnificent headpieces, whether they were delicate floral blooms or daring red ruffles.

Ladies’ Day is the time to step outside of your comfort zone! You might not feel comfortable wearing these in your everyday life, but that shouldn’t stop you from sporting these fascinators or hats at the racecourse. The more enthusiastic you are, the more adventurous you can choose to go.

Remember to dress with the Great British weather in mind

Great British weather can be unpredictable. It could be the middle of a spring or summer day, and a raincloud will probably be looming in the distance. This is great to maintain the green allure of our grassy hills, but it can disturb our fun in the sun. The Royal Ascot, for example, was dampened by dreadful weather in 2021.

Therefore, we recommend preparing for all manner of weather on Ladies Day 2022. If you don’t want your view of the racecourse obscured, a stylish birdcage umbrella might be the right choice for you.

In addition to this, you can choose accessories that are practical come rain or shine. If you’re insistent on wearing a heeled shoe, closed-toe court heels are perfect for keeping your toes toasty and dry. A clutch bag is the perfect accessory to emphasise any outfit. To ensure your belongings stay dry on even the rainiest of days, however, you might want to choose a clutch with a secure fastening or a zip.

Ladies Day at the Royal Ascot is going to be the occasion of the year. These are our fashion predictions for the tracks – what do you think?






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