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Real moldavite

Gemstone jewelry has always fascinated fashion lovers and has attracted many buyers for a long time now. However, some gems are popular as healing crystals, and one of them is moldavite. One of the rarest stones, moldavite, is an “extraterrestrial gem.” Around 14 million years ago, when a meteor struck the Earth, its remnants fell far away in the Czech Republic. 

If you are thinking of investing in Moldavite Jewelry and want to know more about this magical gem, you will gain many insights in this blog. As your jewelry guide, I will help you make the right purchase. In this blog, I have listed the stone’s properties and appearance and what makes it so valuable among gem collectors.

Factors To Consider While Buying Moldavite

The gem comes in olive, bottle-green, yellowish-green, and brown-green shades. Jewelry designers sometimes prefer light green colored stones, while some also like the brown shades. 

Real moldavite has creases on its surface. The stone contains inclusions of bubbles and swirls, because of which there are folds and wrinkles on its surface. This is the reason why its surface is called mossy. It is primarily translucent. 

Gemstones are cut and polished. While faceted gemstones are preferred for their highlight of color and shine, there are admirers of their rough surface in the case of moldavite. It is loved for its imperfections and natural features. The stone is appealing to the eyes and is perfect for statement style. So if your customers look for something extraordinary and rare at the same time, you can suggest the moldavite necklace or earrings, or bracelet. Rananjay Exports has a fantastic collection of moldavite jewelry in vintage as well as the latest designs. 

Each moldavite is unique. It comes in the shapes of dumbbells, teardrops. The only green tektite, it is loved for its rarity and peculiarity. Tektites are natural glasses formed as a result of tektite impact. 

The Wish-Fulfilling Stone

Moldavite is considered a manifestation stone. Holding it during meditation can help the wearer connect to the greater Conscious. You can set your intentions with this stone, and you can see them turning to reality. The crystal helps get rid of the past traumas, move forward, and take a new path. It aligns with the heart chakra and prepares you for unconditional love. To work more closely for the heart, moldavite pendants are worn as gems are effective when they touch the wearer’s skin. You can wear the pendant every day. It will clear any blockages from the heart.

The stone symbolizes harmony in relationships and marriage and hence can be the best gift for a loved one. Moldavite jewelry can also be a good option for a couple starting their married life. The stone helps develop qualities like patience. It is the birthstone for Taurus and allows them control their adamant nature. 

Styling Moldavite

The green color of the gemstone goes well with the silver metal. A long chain necklace with the gem is best for a casual look. You can wear Moldavite Ring to the office by keeping it simple. While the gemstone is loved for its statement look, it has demand among all kinds of jewelry enthusiasts. 

moldavite jewelry

Buying The Real Gemstone

For genuine gemstone jewelry, check out Rananjay Exports. They are known for their quality and authenticity. They deal in wholesale gem accessories made in 925 sterling silver, rose gold vermeil. They have a vast collection made for every kind of taste in jewelry. 

Since the gemstone needs care, tell your customers to keep the jewelry away from harsh cleaners and store it separately in a cloth-lined accessories box.

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