DocSmart: 5 File Management Tips for Remote Work

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Working remotely or in a hybrid structure has become a new norm in society globally. For this reason, it’s important to create a structure that helps to avoid any ‘fires’ in your home office. Digital document management systems or software organize your documents in a systematic way to ensure easy access as well as safe storage. Secure storage is important for financial documents and details of you, your customers or clients. With the digital age, there is always a chance hackers can access information so it’s best to be safe rather than sorry.

Here, we’ll dive into some top tips and recommendations for file or document management systems as well as software such as M Files. 

  1. Create a digital document management system that works for you

We all work differently, meaning while one digital document management system may work for one person, it may cause more problems for another person.  Analyze how you work and file your documents in a way that makes it easier for you to access these instantly. 

Simple digital document management software such as using Google Drive, Files and Sheets could be for you. On the other hand, if your scenario is much more complex, there will be an additional system that will be more suitable to assist you in your business success. There is a range of file systems out there, so it’s recommended that you do your own research beforehand. 

Once you have chosen your chosen document management software, it’s time to learn the features and tools and utilize them to best optimize your daily tasks. For instance, if you have various clients, it may be best to place all spreadsheets, Word documents and other various files for a specific client in one folder. Or, if you work better by sourcing documents based on style of writing, then all blogpost documents could go in one folder. Discover a solution tailored to you and in the same way, name documents in a way that’s easiest to find instantly. 

  1. Always use a Cloud document management system

The last thing you’d want is to spend lengthy periods of time on tasks to only face technical issues and lose the files. This can be detrimental for your projects. Whether it’s through file corruption, your device breaking or other reasons, your files can be gone forever, if you don’t actively backup your files. Utilizing a cloud document management system will help to avoid this ‘fire’. 

A cloud document management system is essentially a form of storage solution whereby a hosting company stores your file. This means if you face challenges with your personal devices, you can still access your files from any device, anywhere. What’s more, teammates can see shared files without needing to actually email them. M Files document management is a popular cloud storage example.

  1. Invest in digital management system software if you need to 

Of course, this tip won’t be useful for all remote workers. However, if you personally have large amounts of important files, or you’re within a company that does, digital document management software that costs will be worth the investment. Recommending this to your employer and actively helping to streamline business processes will not only make work life easier but will help put you in a good light with your employer. 

Paid digital management system software has additional features and benefits that aren’t available in free software such as Google Drive. For instance, systems can automatically organize the content based on what it is and not where it’s stored. This saves you needing to spend days organizing existing files into a system that works. Offline availability is also often a popular feature of paid digital management systems software. This is ideal for remote work, so  you can work from cafes or parks without needing to rely on the internet. 

Olivia is a business owner and  freelance writer who currently writes content for Doc Smart Solutions, an M File document management system company.

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