Ikea Appliance That Turns Any Table Into A Wireless Charger

Ikea has presented a unique wireless charger on the market; Instead of leaving it on the table as a charging base, we put it underneath.

There are more and more devices with wireless charging on the market, and we are not just talking about smartphones; There are also headphones, wearables, and the new Kindle is even rumored to have wireless charging. Of course, to take advantage of them we need a wireless charging base, but that means having something else taking up space on our table, something else that can fall or disturb.

Ikea’s solution has a somewhat difficult name to pronounce, Sjömärke, but it makes up for it by being a great idea. At first glance it looks like a normal wireless charger, maybe a little uglier; but that is because it is not designed to be seen.

The idea is that we put the charger under the table , hidden from view, thanks to some adhesive strips included; In this way, it will be able to charge any device that we put on the table, taking advantage of the fact that it is not necessary for the charger and the device to be together.

Of course, that does not mean that the entire surface of the table becomes a gigantic charger; It will only work in the area just above the charger, and to indicate this a sticker is included , on which we must leave the mobile. In addition, this system does not work with all tables: the energy will not be able to pass through the thickest ones. Ikea recommends this device only for tables between 8 and 22 millimeters thick.

Otherwise, it is a fairly normal wireless charger; It uses the Qi standard, so it is compatible with a variety of devices, but it has a power of only 5W , so it will take a long time to fully charge the battery of the mobile. It doesn’t use MagSafe or wireless charging technologies like Realme’s, so we don’t have magnets to guide us and improve speed.

Still, it can be an interesting accessory to get “invisible” wireless charging. Ikea’s commitment to technology focuses on making it disappear, as with the hidden air purifier launched this summer. The Sjömärke is expected to cost € 29.99 when it arrives in Europe from October.

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