Madrid Reproaches Ministry That Return To Class Is Not Prepared On August 25

Madrid reproaches the Ministry that the return to class “is not prepared on August 25” and that Ossorio “began in June”.

The Minister of Presidency, Justice and the Interior of the Community of Madrid, Enrique López, has reproached the Ministry of Education, that the return to class “is not prepared on August 25” , referring to the fact that today the Sectorial Conference of Education, and that the Madrid counselor in the field, Enrique Ossorio, already began to prepare this issue “in June.”

In a ceremony in Boadilla del Monte, López has indicated that it will be in said Conference where the Minister of Education and the councilors of the communities will discuss the ratios and other questions about the new school year for all of Spain and has pointed out that Madrid “is always ahead to these measures, as it did last year . “

“In this case, the counselor Ossorio has been working all summer and has joined before the rest of the counselors to get a safe start to the course. We carry out the maintenance of the bubble organs, the distance of 1.2 meters, the use mask for more than 6 years, a notable budgetary effort for the reinforcement of teachers, etc. In short, it is about maintaining a model of success that last year was a success, “he said.

The counselor has also indicated that the return to school will have 80% of students over 12 years vaccinated . “We are facing a new course with similar measures as the previous one, with a high level of vaccination, with the more aggressive Delta variant, but with these measures we are guaranteeing a safe return to school,” he said.

Asked also about the refugees from Afghanistan, Enrique López has insisted that no official body has met, such as the Higher Immigration Council, where the central government informs the communities about what has happened.

“Now the Government is exercising its exclusive competence in the management of immigration flows, access of refugees to the State and the right of asylum. All those consequences that may befall the communities it is desirable that they be dealt with in a coordinating body and as soon as possible it is convened this type of organization is much better for everyone, “he added.

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