Top 10 Attractions Place to Visit When You go to India in 2022

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Many destinations in India are deserving of worldwide attention but are mostly disregarded by domestic tourists, owing to a lack of awareness or infrastructure. However, a rise in the number of tourists will only benefit the local economy, leading to better facilities and development for the people who live there. India’s tourism industry is so reliant on foreign visitors because many foreigners enjoy the notion of visiting India, but the people of India feel compelled to travel overseas before visiting every state in India. However, a rise in the number of tourists will only benefit the local economy, leading to better facilities and development for the people who live there.


Sikkim is a small state in northeastern India, bordering Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and West Bengal. The ever-present cleanliness push, women empowerment, and the world’s first organic state are just a few of its many achievements. There are no words to describe the beautiful Kanchendzonga, India’s third tallest peak. What a thrill it is when the first rays of the light touch the peak, coloring it in ochre hues. Sikkim is mostly a tangle of serpentine, super-steep valleys densely forested with luxuriant subtropical forests and rhododendron groves. Along with the Buddha Park, other attractions include Gurudongmar Lake, Yumthang Valley, Tsomgo Lake, Char Dham replica, and the Buddha Park.


Amritsar is the next place on our list of tourist attractions in India to visit before 2022. Due to the high heat in the summer, this city is a little difficult to visit. However, if you want to go during the winter, this is a must-see destination. The well-known Golden Temple is only the tip of the iceberg in this metropolis. Other major attractions in the city include the retreat ceremony at the Wagah Border and the light show at the Gobindgarh fort. Overall, Amritsar is the ideal winter destination due to its proximity to some of the best dining options in the world, as well as its pleasantly cold temperature.

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This town, only 44 kilometers from Shimla, has escaped the ravages of urbanization. Chail is famous for its pristine beauty and virgin woods. The town is endowed with a magnificent landscape, with beautiful mountain ranges, dense woods, and a tranquil ambiance to match it all. The historic colonial buildings retain their old-world charm, providing the entire town a picture-perfect setting. Definitely a hidden gem on our list of tourist sites in India to visit before 2022. Other attractions in Chail include the Palace Hotel, Kali ka Tibba, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, and Gurudwara Sahib.


For nature enthusiasts, this is a fantastic time to get out your cameras and start clicking away. The Palash flower blooms in the state of Jharkhand from February to April and is a sight to behold. The tree can reach a height of 20m before the flowers bloom fully. This flower’s brilliant reddish-orange hues liven up the entire state. Surprisingly, they bloom around Holi, the celebration of colors. This not only adds to the festival’s mood, but it also welcomes Spring in all its color. So, schedule a trip solely to see Palash bloom, and you will not be disappointed.

Bodh Gaya

For all Buddhist pilgrims, Bodh Gaya is regarded as the most sacred location. The Mahabodhi tree, under which Lord Buddha was said to have attained enlightenment, can be seen on the grounds of the Mahabodhi Temple. Many countries have contributed to the construction of Buddhist monasteries in this sacred city. A diversity of architectural styles contributes to the attraction of the location. The rush and bustle of this town, as well as the spiritual atmosphere and beautiful weather, should convince you to consider Bodh Gaya as one of the top 15 tourist attractions in India before 2022.


This charming village is located in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh at a height of around 3,048 meters. Tawang is well-known for being the birthplace of “The Dalai Lama,” and it is home to a number of historic and beautiful monasteries. Tawang will entice you with its stunning natural beauty ensconced in the underlying aroma of spirituality. The “Eat, Pray, Love” theory holds true in this location. You can either pamper your taste buds with the mouth-watering local cuisine or pray at the 400-year-old Tawang Gompa, or you can do both. Furthermore, the lovely orchid sanctuary and the Tipi Orchid Sanctuary are wonderful day trip locations.


Mechuka is a beautiful small town in the hills at around 6000 feet above sea level in the Mechuka valley; it is more than simply a village; it is an experience. It is located in Arunachal Pradesh’s Shi-Yomi district. In truth, not many people are aware of the Mechuka festival, which has been held for the past six years. This three-day festival promotes adventure tourism in Arunachal Pradesh and includes activities such as micro-light glider rides, aero-modeling, paragliding, mountain biking, river crossing, rappelling, zorbing, trekking, and rock climbing. What else do thrill seekers look for if not all of this? So go to Mechuka to get your adrenaline fixed and return to a different person.


Kalimpong, a hill station that rose to prominence after the Colonial Period, is a modest and serene town situated in the midst of a cluster of the Himalayas’ unrelenting snow-capped pinnacles. Because of its wonderful temperate environment, the area is increasingly becoming a well-known getaway destination. Furthermore, it is an important Buddhist pilgrimage site in India. Take a hike and enjoy the natural settings of the area, meditate, go on Buddhist excursions, or simply unwind; this spot is great for all of it.


A state that is a little underappreciated but absolutely worth exploring, in our opinion. If you are interested in history, Chhattisgarh features museums such as the Mahant Ghasidas Museum and the Purkhauti Muktangan museum that you may visit if you are in Raipur, the state capital. Did you know that this region is known as the “rice bowl of India”? The reason for this is that there are many different types of rice crops to be found here. So, if you’re in Chhattisgarh, make sure you get your fill of rice! While history and food buffs will enjoy this state, our water babies will enjoy it as well.


Hampi, located in the midst of the remnants of the historic Vijaynagar realm, is a standout amongst the most seriously significant destinations in India. It was once the affluent Vijaynagar domain’s capital. Hampi, India’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to a few sanctuaries, regal palaces, stages, and landmarks. The nearby Virupaksha sanctuary is an important religious and exploration site for Hindus. The often rugged and difficult conditions of Hampi make it a hiker’s delight and a top option among the 15 tourism destinations in India before 2022.

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