Top 6 android app trends in 2021

As we have entered the era of smartphones, there is no chance to turn back because we are addicted to the features and facilities of smart mobile apps. We all are dependent on smartphones for some use.

The android app development industry is evolving rapidly, so there is a huge demand for android apps and android app developers. Many companies hire android developers to build a flawless android app with advanced features.

In the fast-changing technological world, it is essential to stay updated with the latest features and functionalities to avoid missing any updates.

Top 6 android app trends

  • Chatbots/assistant integration

To gain customer’s faith and provide a user-friendly experience, android app development companies have begun to use Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning chatbots which will provide support and services all day long. This technology can solve any customers’ queries, and if it is not, the complex questions will be redirected to experts.

The latest android app development trend is voice-enabled chatbots that enable a customer to ask a query by speaking; it can convert text-to-speech or vice versa, which has advantages to overcome the competitive market.

  • Internet of Things

Android app development has experienced a hype with the augmentation of connected devices, whether it is smartwatches, home assistants, security systems, and much more. Google‘s IoT platform will help IoT integration by android development by APIs on Android Studio.

Developers have to factor in the APIs and the logical connectors that will enable applications to communicate with various devices that may be developed by different companies or by hiring android app developers. Expert developers in IoT must create a fully functional dashboard for either web or mobile.

  • APM and EMM

Application performance management and Enterprise mobile management are not among the latest trends but have constantly evolved over the past years.

EMM is the integration of the processes, technologies, and individuals involved in mobile computing, which includes wrapping, carrying, managing mobile devices, and synchronizing enterprise, which is proposed towards sharing and achieving goals.

APM means examining the speed and accuracy at which the users, the systems do transactions, and the basic network infrastructure to build complete and peer visibility in the functioning of your applications.

  • Android instant apps

Expert developers can convert existing apps to Android instant apps; instant apps will enable the users to access the application even without installing it. Such an instant app will help to save time for users and space in the phone storage. It is simple to use and share. Developers must be keen about accessing unique identifiers and push notifications. Later, they can get creative.

  • Blockchain technology

Distributed app development that is safe and secure in the authentication and will provide total clarity is the main thing developers have aimed to develop with blockchain technology in Android development. For example, advanced contract-based mobile applications have made payments with the help of mobile phones more secure and enabled users to contract in cryptocurrency.

Illegal access to financial information is eliminated, which indirectly makes the blockchain technology suitable for retail, finance, education, and eCommerce stores.

  • Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning Integration

Projects that were least imagined in the past are now possible with the help of AI/ML integration. It doesn’t only automate, test, code, deploy and deploy automatically but also enhances the developer’s productivity by double. Things like big data processing, analytics, and process automation are all possible with the help of AI/ML.

Undoubtedly artificial intelligence and machine learning are the most growing technologies in the current era.


Many trends and technologies are still evolving in the field of android apps. Still, the top trends mentioned above are the most important and trendy technological advancements in android applications.

You can get knowledge of the latest trends by referring to the blog if you are willing to develop the latest android app. You can also hire android developers who will help you develop and design the latest and advanced android mobile application.

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