Is Parfait Cookie A Good Topping In Cookie Run?

parfait cookie

“Pretty toppings, sweet and lovely! I’m Parfait Cookie, and don’t you forget it!”

Parfait Cookie and Cookie Run is a progression of online running games, with the latest, non-spin-off game being Cookie Run: OvenBreak, which includes a steadily growing assortment of cookies, support pets, and valuable treasures, all bearing an alternate number of focuses relying upon the combination used. Cookie Run right now incorporates six modes, with different modes that will go back and forth for occasions. Each game depends on the “freemium” model, which offers the actual game free of charge while empowering clients to pay more modest portions for virtual in-game items or abilities. The six modes of Cookie Run are; Breakout, Cookie Trials, Trophy Trials, The Island of Memories, Guild Run and Story Mode.

Build of Parfait Cookie

Parfait cookie snatches the amplifier and belts her heart out. Moved by the sincere and genuine tune, all accommodating units, otherwise known as partners, will recuperate some HP and get a buff that raises DEF and protection from debuffs.

Parfait cookie has the following skill specs

•a 17 second-base CD (coldown)

•Healing: 14.4 percent of ATK each X1.0 sec more than X7.0 sec (+0.2% Healing per level)+10.0 percent

•DEF for X7.0 sec

•Debuff Resist: 40.0 percent for 7.0 seconds

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Parfait Cookie’s Style

Parfait Cookie’s unmistakable style includes layers of chocolate and candy, finished off with trickling syrup. Regardless of being a rookie, this Cookie now has many self-composed melodies. Parfait Cookie’s tunes might be similarly essentially as inventive and remarkable as her bright combination of garnishes. However, her verses are generally as unadulterated and genuine as vanilla frozen yoghurt. “It doesn’t make any difference assuming the tryout turns sour, on the off chance that nobody remembers me, or regardless of whether my garnishes dissolve in the mid-year downpour! I continue playing my guitar and singing about reality in my heart.”

Parfait Cookie’s Appearance 

Parfait Cookie has puffy white hair styled in a half-up half-down haircut with numerous toppings alongside pink syrup in her stage getup. The two-stringed guitar body she holds is carnation pink with red tuning keys; it additionally has a waffle-cone surface. She has energetic blue eyes with huge, thick eyelashes and wears a white cold-bore tube top with thin blue lashes and more significant than average sleeves finishing with a pink ombre and scallop design, a red skirt with a white belt and brown coloured specifying at the stitch, and a pair of boots; one of the pink and the other black with pink bands. Parafait Cookie wears a black shirt with a motif on it without her stage getup, and her hair is messy. Her shoes are a pair of brownish-black sneakers. Her eyes become brown. She additionally wears a set of pink glasses.

Cookie Run Characters Equipment

Equipment in the Cookie Run Kingdom resembles equipment you can prepare for the cookies and get the extra impacts and details. There are a few kinds of toppings in the Cookie Run Kingdom game that you can cultivate in the story mode by rehashing the stages. To prepare these fixings, you want to visit the cookie menu, tap on a cookie, and tap on the toppings choice afterwards. After you tap that choice, another menu screen will open where you can prepare fixings for the cookies. Every one of the toppings is unique, and you should prepare those fixings in light of the Cookie’s strength. Likewise, extraordinary set effects are activated if you prepare a similar topping(x2, x3, or x5). This Cookie Run Kingdom fixings guide will grandstand the rundown of garnishes and best fixings for all cookie characters!

What’s The Effective Cookie Topping

Going whole Solid Almond is presumably the most effective way, particularly in PvP. It’s generally wise to support your healers in games like these, so I suggest that is your speciality. On the other hand, you can go with whole Swift Chocolate assuming that turns out better for you, so Parfait can utilize her mending expertise more regularly. While talking about Cookie Run Kingdom Parfait Cookie garnishes, You genuinely need to note that you can explore different avenues regarding blends of these two fixings. However, I don’t think that will work. Likewise, specific individuals suggest utilizing Searing Raspberry on Parfait, but you will have to make up for the low stat through bonus rolls. I suppose you can attempt it. However, I don’t have the foggiest idea about why you would. Parfait isn’t a harmful seller.

The question if Parfait Cookie is a good topping in Cookie Run can be answered by saying that her character is best for Support and Rear. 

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