How Do I Convert NST to PST?

convert NST to PST

Suppose you have stumbled your way across the situation where the question of how to convert NST to PST file is blaring square in your face. In that case, you are not alone in this because this issue arises for several users on a daily basis just like learning more about the Roku streambar. Need not to be anxious because we are here to show you just how exactly it can be done. 

Let’s get converting!

What are NST and PST in Outlook?

NST and PST are among the bunch of data files used by the Outlook software that share some striking similarities. Working the same line of action, both NST and PST serve for the offline access and storage of the mailboxes of the users of this software. NST file also makes it practical to use the IBM Notes on this software by becoming the add-in through Microsoft. The NST is produced by Outlook software when its user (2016 and lower versions of Outlook) puts together the MS Outlook with their active Office 365 account. 

Outlook stores all sorts of group conversations in the form of a local copy after the process of configuring of Office 365 account is completed within the GST using the nst. extension within the machine of the user. The user can have offline access to the groups associated with Office 365. Usually, these NST files become huge in size and, therefore, deemed inconvenient for efficient use. NST and OST files share the exact location of storage on the device. 

Keep in mind that if you intend to delete the NST data files and proceed with it, the files will be re-created immediately through the connecter add-in. The appropriate procedure involves the removal of this software profile for having them deleted. 

NST File Creation in Outlook

To convert NST to PST file, firstly navigate successfully through this pre-requisite for the later part. 

Step One: Get started by opening the Outlook software on your device and typing down the Office 365 active email address.

Step Two: The process will begin. Soon, a message will pop up on the screen to indicate that the device is assembling everything to get the actual process working.

Step Three: Punch down the password linked to the Office 365 email when the new window shows up.  

Step Four: It is followed by the appearance of a dialogue box before you on the device, which requires you to click on the ‘Ok’ command. 

Step Five: Immediately, the device will be operated to create the NST data file, and you will be indicated through a notification that the setup of the account has completed its journey. 

Step Six: To begin with the procedure of retrieving the mailbox of the user, you will need to press the ‘Ok’ command once more here. 

Step Seven: The data of the user’s mailbox will be downloaded on the device, and after that, the left pane of this software will be reflected through the other involved software, Office 365. 

Now Convert NST to PST File 

After every pre-requisite comes the main course. These steps that we will discuss below will give you a good idea of effectively dealing with the NST files lying around on your device. 

Some simple steps to the perfect recipe.

Step One: Copy and paste the NST file from its original location to a different place.

Step Two: Convert the nst. name to the new name of .ost by right-clicking on the file that is copied.

Step Three: Press down the ‘Ok’ command to proceed successfully to the next step in line.

Step Four: Here comes the most essential step of this whole process. The conversion of the file cannot be done manually. Still, there are plenty of tools available that you can choose from according to your own convenience. Download one such OST recovery tool and get it working by launching it on your device.

Step Five: Select the file that you changed the name from nst. to ost. And provide it with the recovery mode in that recovery tool. 

Step Six: Click away on the ‘OK’ popping up as the button.

Step Seven: Immediately, the tool will provide a glimpse of OST data on your display. 

Step Eight: Press down the save option to successfully save and get the NST as PST. 

Final Note

MS Outlook is still in the process of evolving each day. The feature to convert NST to PST file holds significance as it makes it easier to handle mailboxes and conversations offline when users are operating the lower and older versions. We hope it helped. 

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