Eiffage, Pavasal And CHM Win A 92 Million Contract In Alicante

The French construction group Eiffage, through its Alicante subsidiary Aglomerados Los Serranos, the Alicante company CHM and the Valencian Pavasal have been the companies chosen by the Generalitat Valenciana contracting table in one of its large bidding and road maintenance contracts for the next four years. A tender that the Valencian Government values ​​in total at 92.23 million euros including taxes and the possible extension.

The three groups have divided the three lots into which these works are divided in the road network dependent on the Autonomous Administration in the province of Alicante. Thus, the hiring table, whose decision must now be ratified by the Ministry of Territorial Policy, has selected the Eiffage subsidiary to undertake these maintenance tasks on the roads in the central area of ​​the province. The construction company has been imposed with a reduction of 35.8% on the tender budget in that lot.

For its part, Pavasal, the group controlled by the Valencian Quesada family, has been selected for the second batch, which includes the north of the province. The last of the areas up for tender, the southern one that borders Murcia, will correspond to the Alicante construction company CHM, owned by the Martínez Berna family.

Another of the great Valencian public works contractors, Becsa, from Castellón, who belongs to the Simetria group of the Batalla family, had also submitted to the public tender. Despite attending all the batches, he has left empty-handed. The temporary unions formed by Elsan and Torrescámara had also presented proposals; Rover Mediterráneo de Obras and Aceinsa Levante; and APi Mobility and Tizor. In their cases, the hiring table rejected their offers for technical reasons.

Valencia, in the air
In the case of Pavasal and CHM, they had already managed to get hold of a part of the cake for the conservation work of the Valencian autonomous roads in the province of Castellón. Some works also valued at a similar amount, 92 million euros, in which Pavasal was awarded the area for the rest of the summer. CHM together with the Valencian Ocide assumed the northern area of ​​Castellón, while Becsa in this case did take part of the business when it was chosen for the central area of ​​the province.

The Ministry also has pending adjudication of the maintenance and upkeep of roads within its competence in the province of Valencia, which in this case contemplates a slightly higher amount, 98.14 million euros. At the moment, practically the same construction companies have entered the competition as in Castellón and Alicante, in addition to a temporary union of Bertolín, Innovia Coptalia and Guerola.

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