Restalia Launches A Plan To Help Its Franchisees With Rise Of Light

Restalia, a company that created brands such as 100 Montaditos, La Sureña, The Good Burger ?? TGB ??, Panther Organic Coffee and Pepe Taco, will support its franchisees with measures to help counteract the effect of the increase in the electricity bill of the locals during the month of September, reaching the equivalent of the cost of a week in September.

After a constant rise in the electricity bill that has surpassed all-time highs, Restalia, which has more than 700 franchised stores around the world, is once again positioning itself next to the main foundation of its business, the franchisees of its brands. On this occasion, all premises located in Spain that meet the requirements and standards established by the company will be able to benefit from this Electricity Plan.

“We are aware that our support as a company is essential for our franchisees and for the recovery of the entrepreneurship in organized catering. With the cost of electricity at historic highs, we believe that we will support measures to counteract these increases and prevent them from harming customers. establishments and customers will be a great relief for them. This measure also adds to the different packages that we have been applying since the pandemic began and that we know mean a lot to everyone “, says José María Capitán, founder and executive president of the company.

In addition, as part of this Electricity Plan, Restalia will provide support in the negotiation with the different electric companies in order to achieve better consumption plans for the locals.

“The objective of the group remains the same as in its beginnings: to maintain its commitment to entrepreneurship, creating opportunities for growth and development within the sector and generating confidence for the entrepreneur. That is why we have been working on this type since the beginning of the pandemic of measures, our main objective is to take care of the people who decide to undertake with us and feel the security of being in a group like ours “, declares Captain.

Support packages
This new Electricity Plan joins other packages of measures that the Restalia Group has implemented with the aim of promoting the recovery of its franchisees. Since the pandemic began, the company has granted more than 6 million euros in aid, the largest private aid package granted to the hospitality industry in Spain.

The company led by José María Capitán, aware of the support that its franchisees needed when the health crisis broke out, was a pioneer in launching an aid plan for its franchisees in March 2020. Just a few hours after the Government decreed the State of Alarm , Restalia announced a package of measures that included, among others, 100% royalty bonuses and support in the renegotiation of rents and agreements with the main banks to help franchisees in matters related to the closure of establishments decreed by the authorities.

This first measure, which was a respite for its franchisees, was followed by different plans to cushion the impact of the growing crisis and reactivate consumption, such as royalty bonuses or support in the purchase of strategic products; and also specific adaptations to respond to the geographic needs derived from the different restrictions of each Autonomous Community.

At the beginning of this year, the company re-launched the largest aid package in the sector to continue supporting franchisees, including a Plan to promote sales by delivery or the Plan of aid for the adaptation of terraces, thus becoming the company that most support measures has launched to its network of franchisees.

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