Celebrities Who Overcome Cancer From Dani Rovira To Sofía Vergara

With her recent announcement, journalist Julia Otero has joined the long list of people with cancer, the second disease, after cardiovascular disease, with the most worldwide impact.

Many are the famous or media people who have suffered or suffer from the disease. Thus, in recent weeks the names of actor Dani Rovira , who recently successfully overcame a Hodgkin’s lymphoma or Sara Carbonero , who was back in the news for a false relapse of his ovarian cancer, were news in this regard.

Hugh Jackman and skin cancer

Also, the television collaborator Mila Ximenez announced last year that she suffered from lung cancer and, the Antena 3 journalist, Mónica Carrillo , confirmed in September that she had been operated on for a basal cell carcinoma on her face, a type of skin cancer.

It seems that skin cancer is one of the most common among actors and celebrities. Australian Hugh Jackman suffers from a type of mild skin cancer that has undergone six operations. Melanie Griffith and more recently actress Lydia Bosch have had or have this type of ailment.

Hugh Jackman, in Madrid, where he presented ‘The great showman’

Concha Velasco , with several surgical operations for a lymphoma; the popular presenter of ‘Un, dos, tres …’ Mayra Gómez Kemp , first with tongue cancer and years later with throat cancer; Sofía Vergara , with thyroid cancer at only 28 years old, and the actors Dustin Hoffman , who had nodules in her throat; Robert de Niro and a prostate cancer, Michael Douglas , with a throat tumor, and María Teresa Campos , also operated on for nodules in the throat in 1998, are other popular characters who have suffered from the disease.

Concha Velasco, at one point during her performance in ‘Reina Juana’.

Olivia Newton John and breast cancer
Many are the actresses and celebrities who have had breast cancer, one of the most frequent among women. Rita Wilso n, wife of the actor Tom Hanks , the Galician singer Luz Casal , who has faced the disease twice, the presenter Loreto Valverde , the American actress Shannen Doherty (‘Sensation of living’), the presenter Terelu Campos and his sister Carmen Borrego are some of those affected.

Actress Olivia Newton John , in 1996, and singer Kylie Minogue , in 2005, also had breast cancer.

Olivia Newton-John
The designer and stylist Juan Avellaneda , affected by testicular cancer, Vaitere , formerly of Julio Iglesias, affected by marrow cancer from which he is recovering after the donation of a 26-year-old German girl and the veteran actress Kathy Bates , with a Ovarian tumor first and one in the breast later, are other famous cancer patients.

Unfortunately, there are not a few who have not managed to overcome the disease, such as the designer Bimba Bosé , the former soccer player Michael Robinson and the musician Pau Donés, recently news for the premiere of the documentary ‘That you give me’, his last talk with Jordi Évole .

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