New Models Of Prefabricated Houses That Can Be Bought In Spain

The pandemic has been a shock to the manufactured home sector. Thus, since last year new models of housing have been presented or released to meet a growing demand. Here are some of the proposals that can be purchased in Spain.

The Hüga prefabricated house arrives in Spain

The Argentine company Grandio presented last year the Hüga prefabricated house, a concrete model that from this year can be purchased in Spain through Realtyplus real estate. The name of the property refers to the Danish term hygge, which is used to designate satisfaction or happiness.

Hüga is made of reinforced concrete, intelligent (home automation and energy efficient), of the highest quality and design, modular, safe, fully equipped (if necessary), easy to maintain and extremely versatile. It is located on site without the need for preliminary work. And the concrete structure can be easily transported by truck and can be assembled in just 24 hours.

It is a house that has an area of ​​45 m2 that is distributed in a bedroom, relax zone, zoned bathroom, kitchen and living-dining area. Its dimensions are 3.90×3.90×11 meters.

The prefabricated house of Bauhaus Paterna

The Bauhaus company, the German-born distributor of DIY products, published the video of its new bioclimatic prefab house last week. Located in its store in Paterna, Valencia , it has been developed with the Valencian company Dos Días Diseño de Containers, specialized in the design and construction of bioclimatic spaces from containers.

This show apartment has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. And its price starts at 12,499 euros. “We use shipping containers to which we give a second life, designing them from start to finish according to the client’s needs to transform them into homes, which have excellent characteristics due to their extreme resistance”, Carlos Sanchís explains in a press release, CEO of Dos Días.

In addition, the company explains that this type of housing alternative can serve as a small second home, an office away from home or even as a starting point to start a tourist business. The truth is, using prefabricated houses as tourist housing is a business niche that is opening in the sector.

Liten, the prefabricated house that leaves the Lanzadera de Juan Roig

Liten is a 30 square meter prefabricated house that can be installed practically anywhere with minimal impact on its surroundings. However, it is designed to offer a quick and sustainable housing solution to rural tourism. Its price is 39,000 euros.

It is a cabin that is built in the factory, transported to the desired location and installed on the same day. In addition, it is built using resistant and quality materials, such as wood, chosen for being the best solution for use with the least possible impact on the environment. Regarding the design, the company explains that Liten is customizable, choosing between different finishes to adapt to the environment and the preferences of its buyer.

  1. The Tiny Home project of prefabricated houses

The Madrid architecture studio Delavegacanolasso and Ricardo de Zulueta, a strategic consultant in New York, have launched the Tiny Home project : small prefabricated houses to return to the countryside , which offers a 32-square-meter prefabricated shelter for weekend getaways for 28,000 euros.

This home includes a full bathroom, kitchen, built-in pine wood furniture, built-in LED lighting, plugs, switches, and sockets. In addition, it has a 1000-liter water tank, a battery-powered installation and a 2000-liter septic tank. Thus, these models are totally self-sufficient, but the company gives the option of connecting to the water, electricity and sanitation of the plot where it is to be installed. What it does not include is a mattress, cushions, armchairs or other additional decorative elements.

These prefabricated houses are built entirely in factories and the customer receives them by truck completely made in an average period of 2 months from the moment of purchase. They can be placed on any plot, either as a home or as an auxiliary building to an existing home. And if the chosen option is self-sufficient, the buried septic tank, the solar panels and the water tank will have to be installed, which will take about 2-3 days. The possible earthmoving or placing a screed underneath would not be included in the price.

  1. The ‘refuge for the weekend’ by Ágora Arquitectura studio

This small 40 m2 prefabricated house as its name suggests is intended to serve as a refuge for a weekend getaway. For sale for 30,000 euros , it can be installed in any rural environment, as it is transported by truck. It was presented in 2018, but in 2020 it was recognized at the FAD architecture awards.

The refuge has three different areas. At the front is the living room and kitchen that open to the outside thanks to sliding glass doors. The back, with two sleeping spaces and one storage space, is the most intimate area of ​​the house. And, in the middle part, there is an intern service bar, providing the whole with the comfort of some adjacent bungalows.

Facing south, the house’s three large sliding windows combine low-emission double glazing, so that in winter heat losses are reduced and in summer, shade is generated thanks to a solar control system that uses simple roller blinds.

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