Whatsapp Videos Without Losing Quality Thanks To This New Function

WhatsApp will soon adopt a function that other instant messaging apps such as Telegram already have: the possibility of changing the quality in which our video files are sent to other users, depending on the connection we have.

With the popularity of services like TikTok and the number of videos that go viral every day, it is no wonder that many people use WhatsApp as another vehicle to share them. The only problem is that the priority of this app is to communicate with our contacts in any way, even if that means losing quality along the way.

As a result, you may have shared a video and found that the image has become blurry and the audio is not as clear. Thanks to a new functionality discovered by WABetaInfo in the beta version of the Android app, we can avoid this.

The novelty consists of a new video quality menu , which will allow us to control our preferences when sharing files with our contacts. We will have three options. Auto is recommended, and will choose the quality depending on factors such as the quality of our connection.

Instead, the “Best quality” option does exactly that, sending the video with the best possible image quality no matter what the connection is like. WhatsApp advises that doing this is not always recommended, since the resulting file will occupy many more MB and will take longer to send. Also, if we are using a mobile data connection, we can easily spend the monthly limit with just some videos.

Finally, the “data saver” option will lower the quality of the video until it reaches a suitable point to occupy less storage space; therefore, it will be sent much faster and your contacts will be able to download it without having to wait that long. Also, as its name suggests, this is the recommended mode if we are with a mobile data connection .

Most people will just choose the Auto option, which is the default, as it will work fine in most cases. But if we have recorded a video that we are proud of, in high resolution, we can finally prevent WhatsApp from turning it into a pixelated experience.

There is only one obstacle to this: the maximum limit for sending WhatsApp files. Currently, WhatsApp prevents you from sending files larger than 16MB; that translates into, at most, three minutes of video depending on the mobile.

Since WhatsApp will now allow us to change the quality, it is very likely that this limit will be eliminated or changed to a higher one. In this way, WhatsApp would follow in the footsteps of Telegram, which allows the sending of videos of up to 2 GB. At the moment, the function is in development and we have yet to see these changes.

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