A Guide To Upcycling Jewellery and Family Heirlooms


Some people in the world are lucky enough to have family heirlooms and jewellery that have been passed down from generation to generation which makes things even more special. Some issues do come with family heirlooms though as they can be very old and can also be slightly damaged. To save them from getting put on the shelf and being forgotten about, we will be going through some simple ways in which you can upcycle your family heirlooms so they withstand the pressure of time. 

Have Your Gemstones Reset

One of the most popular ways in which you can upcycle your old jewellery is to have the gemstones reset. This could be onto a new piece of jewellery or have the old piece cleaned and repaired. When you have an old piece of jewellery like a vintage engagement ring that is not looked after properly, it can become tarnished which will cause the setting to come loose and the colouration of the material may be dull. In most cases, it is very possible to get the metal polished to its original colour and also have the settings fixed. If it is not possible to do this, then you can have the gemstones removed and set into a new setting.

If you do have a vintage ring, the gemstones can be repurposed into something that is more your style so that you can wear it more often. If a ring isn’t your thing, then you could always transform the gems into a beautiful necklace or earrings. This way you will be able to keep the memory alive.

Have Jewellery Professionally Cleaned

If you have an old piece that is looking dull and pretty dirty, then sometimes all it needs is a professional to take it off your hands for a good clean. Although you can clean vintage jewellery yourself, it is always best to get a professional to take a look at it. This is because they will be able to get in the small crevices with their special tools. They will also be able to inform you of any damage or weaknesses that are in the jewellery so you know for the future.

When you get a professional to clean the jewellery, they will be able to remove years of dirt and grime and make it just as beautiful as it did in the past. Every piece of jewellery is different so getting a professional to clean it, they will be able to use the correct methods and products.

Repurpose Heirlooms As Wall Art

If you have been given some beautiful old family china or a platter dish, then another great way to have your heirloom repurposed is to have them used as a stunning wall art display rather than just sitting in the attic waiting for the Queen to arrive. Instead, you can add some high-quality wall stickers which can attach to the china and the wall making sure they are secure. If you are not keen on sticking them to the wall, you could look at purchasing some plate hangers so you don’t have them damaged and are more secure.

You can be as imaginative as you want if you think a little outside the box. You could make a gallery or you can also dot some of them around the house to keep each room of the home linked.

Paint And Reupholster Furniture

This has become extremely popular in recent years. If your family heirloom is a piece of furniture, but it is not to your style or has corroded over time, then a great way to bring back the former glory is to repaint it and reupholster the piece so it is more to your style. This is simple enough to do as you can get some sandpaper and sand away the old paint, remove any metal fixtures and repair the piece with primer. Once the primer is set, you can then give it a new coat of paint that you have chosen.

You could also swap the old fabric for a new one which will also be more your style. The material can be purchased from any good fabric store or you can use materials that have also been passed down. This can be a bit stressful if you are no good with your hands, so it might be worth looking for a professional if you want it done better.

There are many different ways in which you can repurpose your old family heirlooms, it just requires a little outside the box thinking. Once you have started to do this, you will feel addicted and will want to try your hand at something else so have fun.

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