A Styling Guide To Men’s Summer Clothing

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The summer months are officially around the corner, meaning that it is time to start wearing clothes that are more suitable for warmer temperatures. Summer is the time for pastel colours compared to those gloomy colours that you would wear in winter. 

For a man, there are a lot of items out there that you can buy for summer. There are the basic items that you will need and then others that level up your style. Here are a few outfit ideas that you can wear this summer in 2022. 

The Smart Casual Summer Outfit

The smart-casual outfit is very much in demand at the moment, especially in the modern-day office. When it comes to your summer outfit with smart casual, we suggest that you wear something that will keep you cool throughout the day. 

Firstly, you want to wear a lightweight blazer for your smart-casual outfit as it takes your attire to the next level. As mentioned earlier, you want to wear pastel colours for your summer outfit. When it comes to your blazer, we suggest that you wear lighter colours such as pink, lilac or cream. A cream blazer is the most common blazer to wear for your smart-casual outfit as it complements a lot of colours. 

Next, you want to wear a t-shirt that goes well with your blazer and matches. Avoid wearing colours that don’t necessarily look good together. With a cream blazer, there are many coloured t-shirts that you can wear however, with a lilac blazer, you can be quite limited. Simply because the lilac blazer is the main colour for that outfit. With your pants, we suggest wearing a pair of chinos and again, this colour depends on the colour of your blazer. Finally, your footwear and there are many styles that you can wear for this smart-casual outfit. Plain white trainers, white canvas shoes or a pair of brown leather loafers to complete the look. 

The BBQ Weather Outfit

When it comes to a BBQ, you want to wear a short-sleeved shirt with a pair of chinos. A lot of people like to wear an all-white outfit which is a short-sleeved white shirt with a pattern, a pair of white chino shorts and then finished off with a pair of white trainers.

If you want a bit more colour, wear a coloured shirt with some denim shorts. Then for your footwear, wear either black or brown leather loafers, depending on the rest of your outfit for colour. You want to make sure that you have a bit of colour on the outfit during summer but again, make sure that they are pastel colours which are more suitable for the warmer months. 

The Beach Outfit

For the beach, you want to be wearing a whacky shirt that gives off a sort of Hawaiian vibe. With this outfit, you want to ensure that you have a colourful shirt that gives off vibrant colours. Another thing to mention, make sure that it is made of thin material and is lightweight. 

Chino shorts or swim shorts are something that you want to be wearing on the beach. If you are going to be having a dip in the sea, you will want to wear swimming trunks. If you are not planning on having a dip then just keep it simple with a pair of chino shorts. Finally, your footwear and we would advise a pair of shoes that are easy to take off. This is the perfect time to be wearing sandals, sliders or flip flops, depending on what you already own. One final thing, do not forget your beach towel. 

The Casual Outfit

The casual outfit is something that you need to get right as it is something that you will be wearing throughout summer. Here, you are going to wear a lot of polo shirts each day, so make sure you have a wide variety of colours that you can mix up with each outfit. White, grey, navy or black are your simple polo colours however, throw a pastel coloured shirt in there from time to time. 

For your shorts, you can wear anything that you want which is casual, summery and goes with your polo shirts. A pair of denim shorts is a good choice with the outfit and again, have a variety of colours with your denim shorts. You want to wear a pair of blue, black and white denim shorts. Then complete the outfit with a pair of white trainers. 


There are many outfits that a man can wear during the summer months, it depends on where you are going. Make sure that you have a variation of outfits throughout the summer months and then you can wear something different nearly every single day. Time to pack away those plain tracksuits and start wearing those summer outfits. 

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