Which Selling Sunset Star Would Sell Your City?

selling sunset

Everyone’s favourite realtors are back for another season of Selling Sunset, the Netflix hit that sees the Oppenheim Group attempt to sell multi-million-dollar mansions in the glamorous Los Angeles housing market.

While the Californian lifestyle may seem a world away from England, we can still enjoy the thrill of buying a new home.

But who would be the perfect realtor to sell you the lifestyle of your dreams in each of England’s idyllic regions? A new character analysis by St Modwen Homes of the Selling Sunset realtors has pinned a personality to each English region whilst calculating how much commission they would make based on the average house price.

South East – Maya Vander

The South East is confident, established, and knows itself well. You can enjoy a tranquil life, surrounded by the New Forest and the South Downs National Parks – the latter of which is England’s newest.

Life in the South East is about being calm and stepping away from the drama. Meanwhile, its architectural style is in touch with its historic roots, borrowing from the Georgian and Regency eras. But the South East doesn’t need a drama queen.

Maya Vander would sell your home in the South East. Maya is free-spirited and compassionate, perfectly suited for the countryside lifestyle. Meanwhile, her ability to see all perspectives in an argument means that she’ll love taking in the natural surroundings of the Cotswolds. She knows her position, and it’s outside of drama — just like the South East.

The average house price in the South East is £464,601, meaning that Maya could walk away with a Selling Sunset commission of £11,615 per sold property thanks to the 2.5% commission split.

London – Mary Fitzgerald

It takes the top dog to take on the English capital. Mary Fitzgerald is perfect for the London area, ready to sell the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life to any prospective homebuyer. Homes in the London region fetch an average of £681,907 meaning that Mary could take away a whopping £17,048 from her 2.5% commission.

Mary is not afraid to express her emotions and doesn’t shy away from confrontation when it’s necessary. These are qualities that fit in well with the busy life of London. You could imagine Mary jolting up the tube escalators.

You’re more likely to find flats for sale in London than in any other region. Flats sell for an average of £526,561 while semi-detached properties fetch around £747,623. But as Vice-President of the Oppenheim Group, Mary should have no problem selling a variety of property types.

North West – Chrishell Stause

The North West is a region of two halves. The region enjoys the rugged edge of Greater Manchester, but homebuyers further north can relax in the Lake District. The region deserves a versatile realtor that could sell anything from an industrial attic to a waterside cottage.

Chrishell Stause is the woman for the job, demonstrating her skills as both an actor and realtor.

Chrishell isn’t afraid to show her sensitive side. Sometimes shedding a tear on camera, but confidently self-protective when it matters. It evokes the attributes of Wordsworth, the pride of the Lake District.

Meanwhile, Chrishell’s fun side often comes out. She nurtures herself and cuts out toxic energy; a no-mess attitude that Mancunians will love.

With an average property price of £232,182, Chrishell could enjoy £5,805 from her 2.5% split when she sells a house in the region.

East of England – Heather Rae Young

Heather Rae Young can be considered shy but analytical. She makes sure to have a thorough understanding of the properties she sells and would be perfectly suited for the East of England.

Focusing energy on her hard work and relationships, she’d be a great match for homes in cities such as Cambridge. After all, the region is famed for its educational contributions to the country and the world.

Heather knows how to put herself first, just like Cambridge did in this year’s boat race.

The average house price in the East of England is £387,476, meaning that Heather would take home a commission of £9,687 after selling a house.

West Midlands – Christine Quinn

The region competing for the crown of England’s second city and natural rival to the East Midlands, Christine Quinn is the perfect realtor for the West Midlands.

With an average house price of £273,533, Christine could take £6,838 for selling a home in the region.

Christine has a burning desire to be popular, as does this bustling region that has seen continued development. In her own way, Christine aims to be welcoming and strives for tranquillity in her relationships. But sometimes the fun of drama gets in the way.

With five areas of beauty in this region, who else could take full advantage better than Christine?

South West – Davina Potratz

Davina aims to outdo everyone in the office. And with the longest coastline of any English region, homes in the South West would allow Davina to sell the perfect sunset.

Davina also has tenacity; the determination to see her property sell and dominate the competition. Are these qualities that fit the South West perception? With local delicacies including cheddar cheese, Devon cream teas, Cornish pasties, and cider, the South West certainly aims to outdo the rest of the UK.

With house prices sitting at an average of £342,712, Davina could walk away with a handsome £8,568 commission for selling a home in the South West.

Yorkshire and the Humber – Amanza Smith

Bold, strong, and full of love, Amanza perfectly represents what’s great about Yorkshire and the Humber. With a rich culture, homes in this northern region vary, with locations ranging from historical city centres to their agricultural outskirts.

Homes in Harrogate are more likely to have an art-deco influence, while you should expect Tudor twists in York. The average house price in Yorkshire and the Humber is £225,902. Amanza could take £5,648 as commission from selling a house here.

East Midlands – Emma Hernan

Introduced in season four, Emma made a bold entrance into the Oppenheim Group, rivalling our West Midlands realtor, Christine. It’s only natural that the two Midland regions playfully combat each other.

Emma gives off vast amounts of boss energy while being open and honest. These proud attributes are suited perfectly for selling homes in cities like Nottingham. Emma could be the perfect Robin Hood for the region, though she would sell homes to the rich instead of stealing from them.

The average house price in the East Midlands is £249,187, meaning Emma could take home a commission of £6,230 when she sells a home.

North East – Vanessa Villela

Assertive, optimistic, and idealistic, Vanessa is the perfect realtor to sell a home in the North East of England. While people in the North East consider themselves to be amongst the friendliest in the country, Vanessa acts as the bridge between Christine and other agents; keeping the peace and raising spirits.

Homes in the North East cost an average of £184,389, the lowest in England. This means by selling a house, Vanessa will walk away with a commission of £4,610 when she sells a house in Newcastle, Sunderland, or somewhere more rural.





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