Good healthy foods and what to include on a diet plan

good healthy foods

7 healthy foods that you must eat regularly

If you are wanting to learn about good healthy foods then you need to learn about the difference of these compared to good diet foods to include in a diet plan. Eating healthy food is a key to spending a healthy life. However, sometimes, humans like to complicate things! Don’t do it. Always try to simplify things instead of making them more complicated. Easy and simple things are easy to do while complicated things are difficult to practice. So, here are the seven good healthy foods that you must eat regularly. Nothing in this list is super rare or fancy but everything in this list is super healthy food and you must it intake it regularly!

1.    Bread

Eat bread! It is available at every place and it is super cheap. You don’t have to spend a fortune to eat bread but you can certainly make a fortune in health if you eat it regularly. We know that you have heard a lot about carbohydrates but remember, humans are eating bread from thousands of years and our bodies are designed in a way that we can take benefit from eating some carbohydrates. Bread does not tend to make the list of good diet foods because of its energy content and its ability to spike sugar into the bloodstream. When it comes to talking about food groups, bread is a carbohydrate and dependent on its nutritional make up it should give you slow release energy, or if lacking in fibre and higher in sugar it can give you an immediate energy release too.

2.    Fish

Fish is one of the best foods for various reasons. It gives you strength, protein and a lot of other health benefits. However, in some parts of the world, fish is scarce and expensive. These people shall not worry as well. Instead of fish, try to eat pulses and other type of meat. Remember, you have to make best out of your situation instead of making excuses. If you are needing to hit your fat content per day then oily fish can really help with this. Salmon, smoked salmon and Mackerel can really help you get enough fat in your diet daily. 100g of salmon fillet will give you around 11g of fat. On a ketogenic diet there tends to be more fat included as fat can be very filling. Fat can also be an energy source so is an important food group to include in a diet plan.

3.    Milk

Milk is a superfood. Have you ever think that what is the first food of every human being? It is milk and it is so because of a reason. It is super beneficial for our bodies. So, drink milk regularly. There is a reason that humans are still allowing cows to graze in the land. Indeed, they are super beneficial. So, drink milk even if you have to drink skimmed milk. Calcium is one of the foods that we will seek out if we don’t have enough of it. Milk has an abundance of calcium with is important for bone health. Check the nutrition of your milk though. Low fat milk has more carbohydrate and sugars included in it to make up for the fat being taken out. A really good healthy food is full fat milk for sure, but it is not the greatest as a diet food due to its high calorie amount.

4.    Butter

Eat butter! Remember, there is nothing to worry, we are not saying to eat butter in pounds. You can eat butters in very small quantities like in spoon or through butter knife. Butter is healthy when we eat it at moderate levels but do not over do it. Just add it in your diet and you will see a lot of secret benefits.  Butter once again is going to help you hit your fat content per day, but it is high in calories so should be used sparingly on a diet plan. If you are trying to do a keto diet then butter added to coffee can be really filling and has no carbohydrates. Remember though good diet foods ideally fit within your calorie amount for the day. So if you are only eating 1400 calories, butter will be not leaving much room for food in your diet plan.

5.    Eggs

Again a very modest food, you must say? But remember, we have made this list for everyone and for everywhere in the world. All the foods are the one that we usually ignore as compared to fancy foods. However, these are the simple foods that are readily available and super healthy. So, eat eggs! It is super easy to do. You can even eat a boiled egg. All you have to do is put an egg in water and boil it for some minutes.  Eggs are included in a protein food group as well as the fat food group. If you get rid of the egg yolk you can significantly cut down on your fats if you are counting macros and looking to maintain a higher carbohydrate lower fat diet.

6.    Honey

Lastly, you must eat honey regularly, at least a spoon daily! Do you know that it take lifetime work of 12 bees to produce a single spoon of honey? It is a lot of effort by nature to keep you healthy. So, never underestimate the gift of nature in the form of honey, and include it in your daily diet. Honey is a bit of a super food and can have healing qualities. Many would say that honey is a natural source of sugar and therefore the only way you should add sweetness to your food if you want to be purist and only stick to eating the best of healthy foods.

Of you are really looking to find a good diet plan and stick to only the best of diet foods or good healthy foods then it’s great to calculate a plan. Using something like a healthy eater flexible dieting calculator or an app like Myfitnesspal can really help you achieve your goals.

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