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If you have been putting off joining a gym, then it’s time to take charge of your health and start working out! It may seem daunting at first, but there are tons of gyms to choose from in Northwich. Check out this article for the top five Northwich gyms. You’ll also find information about the various fitness facilities, their amenities, prices, and how far away they are from your house.

Top 5 Gym Recommendations

1. Team Training UK

2. Dave’s Gym

3. Pure Gym

4. Brio

5. Namix

Team Training UK

Team Training Gym Northwich is a private gym based on Denton Drive Northwich.  This gym is not open to the public by way of a membership as such.  This is a personal training centre of excellence which specialises in private 1-2-1 personal training and group personal training sessions.  The sessions are run by an experienced team lead by Paul Connor who’s training is well renowned in the local area due to his wealth of experience with kettlebells, sport, and competition.  He is also known for being the go-to personal trainer to cut the nonsense and deliver the hard truths that achieve the success for individuals.

This Northwich gym will allow you to make new friends and develop a busy social scene.  The gym hosts regular evenings out, weekend hikes, competition entries and encourages members to really get involved in the club.  There are no other gyms in the area offering this unique concept of small group community training and that is why the members are very fit after committing to this lifestyle change for 3 – 6 months.

Small group sessions at this gym are several a day spread over 6 days.  Members can attend as many of the private sessions as they choose to for £160 per month.  Individuals can also start off with private gym personal training from around £45 per session if they are looking to get back to fitness after some time out.

If you are looking for a crossfit experience in Northwich then some of the sessions included in the group personal training will be right up your street, with a well-regarded indoor rowing history and the choice of 6 squat racks and over 20 barbells. The positioning of this Northwich Gym makes it really handy if you are knutsford based or have a Hartford property. It is 10 minutes away from both locations.

Dave’s Gym Northwich

Dave’s gym in Northwich is steeped in history and has become almost iconic to the area.  When you enter the reception, the walls are adorned with photos of past glorious body building awards and competitions.  This gym has a huge selection of equipment for cardio-based routines as well as heavy lifting.  Once you join the gym you also have access to some great classes based in the adjoining dance studio.  Back in the day Insanity sessions were run here 5 times per week.  Now however the classes range from Kettlercise, HITT circuits and the very well-respected Pilates class.  Insanity can still be done 3 times per week too. This is a great low-cost option too from £15.99 for the membership to include unlimited gym and classes.  Dave’s gym is a very friendly family run gym that also has an amazing sunbed suite and great selection of protein and supplements for sale too if the gym is not really your thing.

Pure Gym Northwich

Pure gym Northwich is open 24 hours and with this in mind it makes it unique.  This is a great option if you like to get your workout in early or late or have irregular timings due to your shift patters. This is a great option for an all-round gym goer with the usual chain gym offerings of Body pump, Body Combat and Yoga.  For the price it certainly ticks a lot of boxes too.  It is a general price of £19.99 per month and everything is included in this.  There is also access to personal training at pure Gym Northwich as well as spinning if you are searching for the peloton experience but would rather be with people than home alone.

Brio Northwich

In a very similar way to pure gym Northwich there is a lot on offer at this large chain gym offering.  The USP of Brio is of course the swimming pool that is the main draw of this leisure centre.  The gym facilities here seem to be newer and in better condition to its main competitor Pure Gym though.  There is also the opportunity to get on the spin bikes at this gym and burn some serious calories quickly.  Brio is based right in the centre of Northwich with access to parking right next door.  Health memberships are priced from £21 per month with corporate memberships and junior membership options too.


Namix gym is based by the site of the old MPA gym and has been going for around 2 years now.  Namix also houses YST – your sports therapist for sports physio needs.  Because this gym has only been open for a couple of years some of the equipment is reasonably new.  The membership here is also not as dense to the equipment is not as worn as in your big chain gyms.  The cheapest monthly membership is £23.99 which gives you gym access and classes.  However, with only 5 classes per week, the membership is mainly for the gym.  The USP of Namix gym in Northwich is that because there is onsite physio, it is a great place for sports rehabilitation.  There are options for memberships to include monthly 30 min massage for £42.00 also.

Costs To Join a Good Gym

Joining a gym doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are many affordable gyms providing access to great facilities with no contract or long-term commitment. You will find that some local gyms offer specials during the introductory stage, so check out their website for information on their pricing plans.  Often though the more expensive gyms can provide the service and experience that it is difficult to deliver for the lowest budget prices.

It will always depend on what you want and need from a gym as to which Northwich gym is the right one for you.  Dependent on your budget, experience, and flexibility each gym will have different positives and negatives.  Certainly though if you are looking for a gym in Northwich then the historic town has some really great choices.

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