The best personal trainer facility in Northwich – you decide?

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Yes, if Carlsberg did gyms and training, we like to think that our private gym, local to Hartford and Knutsford would be up there as the best place for personal training around the Northwich area for sure.  Well, that’s quite a big statement, so we thought we had better explain just what is so great about the gym, personal training, and the team here at Team Training.

Private Sessions:

The Team Training gym where you have your 1-2-1 sessions in is completely private.  The only people in there during your session are going to be you and your personal trainer.  This means if you are new to exercise, feeling unfit because you haven’t done anything in a while, or not wanting to be seen just yet, this is the perfect gym for you.  Team Training in Northwich is the only private gym in the area where you will have the whole place to yourself.  

Building Relationships:

What is also great about being in the gym on your own with your trainer is how much closer the relationship and bond can become.  You are far more likely to achieve greatness if you get on with your personal trainer.  Often a personal trainer can become a friend, confident and even a counsellor as the relationship grows.  The stronger your relationship with the trainer – the better your results are going to be. If you look forward to a session because you know you will have fun, be made to feel good about yourself, or just be able to off load any issues you may have that week, then you are more likely to stick at this for the long term.

This relationship is far more likely to grow in this private setting because you can open up and be yourself.  Just think about being in the hustle and bustle of a busy gym and really letting your guard down.  The gym at team training is your space for your session, and we think this is one of the main reasons why we have so much success with clients where other trainers fail. 

Experienced Trainers:

If you are a working with a personal trainer who looks amazing in their late 40’s and 50’s then you know they know the secret to long term fitness and health.  It is very easy for a trainer in their 20’s to look great and know their stuff, but can they relate to you and your daily struggles? 

Paul and Catherine lead the team in Northwich.  Paul has over 30 years of coaching experience and still looks as great and is as fit at 50, as he was in his 20’s. Catherine brings to the team her counselling skills and helps with mindset and nutrition for those who need extra support in those areas.  At 47, and a mum to 3 boys, Catherine also has a wealth of skills in understanding the busy lifestyles of mothers and professional women and some great lifestyle hacks to help you succeed. She is local to the area so completely gets Northwich Life and how busy it can be.

Sarah, Terry & Vicky lead the gym team all with their own specialist experience that they bring to the table and help to make the personal trainers at team training so welcoming and a little bit special.  We never aim to transform your body in 6 or 12 weeks, because we know through our vast experience, that this is not healthy, or the restrictions required on this sort of programme, sustainable past the timescale.

Over the years we have seen so many clients come to us six or 12 months after one of these programmes miserable, fatter, and less healthy than before they started.  Our personal trainers will teach you about long-term health and fitness and help you to build life changing long term habits.  We don’t promote before and after photos and transformations, because most of our clients are still with us – there is no after.  We have become part of their lives by progressing them from 1-2-1 personal training to the highly successful group Team Training. Of course, we still have clients 15 years on who stay at 1-2-1 training because it is what they love.  We never push you to do anything that you don’t want to do when you work with a personal trainer Northwich based.

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