Moldavite Ring – What do I need to know before I buy one?

moldavite ring

If you are looking to buy a Moldavite ring then read this article to find out all about them. Moldavite is a type of volcanic glass that is found in the Czech Republic. These rings are believed to be from outer space and have been here on earth for millions of years. This type of stone has been recovered from a meteorite which crashed into Russia, about 10 thousand years ago.

What is a Moldavite Ring?

Moldavite Rings are made from the meteor known as Moldavite, which fell to Earth in prehistoric times. This gemstone can be found in Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Russia, and other areas of Eastern Europe. Moldavite is a sacred stone because it represents the birth of our early human race. The stone was reportedly created when a meteor slammed into the Earth, creating a 30 mile wide crater that is now known as the Sudetes Mountains. The meteor was a celestial gemstone from Mars. This stone is what brought our ancestors to the planet Earth and created the human race.

It has been said that Moldavite is the stone of transformation. It has the ability to bring personal, spiritual and physical changes in our lives.

A Moldavite ring has the stone which is a natural glass that has a unique formation behind it. The chemical formula for Moldavite is: Si02 (Al203)

Why is a Moldavite Ring so Expensive?

Moldavite is an extraterrestrial gemstone that comes to Earth embedded in meteorites. The only way you can find it on Earth is if it’s blasted out of the ground by an asteroid. It’s very rare, and you might not be able to get your hands on one for less than $200. What’s Moldavite?

Moldavite is a transparent to opaque variety of tektite, found in the Czech Republic . It was formed during the last ice age and has been re-discovered in the 20th century. The green color of the tektite comes from the presence of Chromium, which is why it’s also known as amphibole. Moldavite was once one of the most precious gems in the world and was used as a talisman in ancient times. It is still believed to have healing properties, and it’s said that even a small stone can massively help your chakras and energy field.

So if you piece all of these benefits of a Moldavite ring together you can start to understand why the price is often high.

Does the Moldavite stone have its value based on its colour like a diamond?

There are several qualities of Moldavite that make it desirable. The most important one is the fact that it has incredible healing properties. Some people consider it to be more valuable than diamonds because of this property alone. Moldavite is also called tektite because it is formed by the earth. The origin of its color is only speculated due to the possibility that it has undergone high temperatures and pressure, or was formed in space. The truth is that there are many other stones with better ornamental purposes than Moldavite, but the uniqueness of this stone makes it worth looking at.

The colour varies between green and brown shades. the greener shades tend to be more valuable and therefore more expensive. There will also be some Moldavite ring which are slightly yellow in colour with white streak like patterns too.

How can a Moldavite ring heal you?

Moldavite is said to possess healing properties, and can help one achieve total well-being. It has been used for centuries to alleviate pain, increase energy levels, and bring clarity to the mind. Moldavite is said to stimulate the immune system, balance hormone levels, reduce swelling, and promote healthier sleep patterns.

It is also said to be a powerful conduit to higher realms that can bring one closer to the Divine Source, and help one connect with nature.

Can you tell if a Moldavite stone is fake?

You will be able to identify a fake Moldavite by looking for certain tell-tale signs. The first sign is the color; real Moldavite has a very distinct color, and if it doesn’t you can bet it’s fake. You’ll also be able to tell if the stone is fake if it doesn’t have any “luster.” Finally, before you buy your ring make sure the seller offers a money back guarantee in case you want to return the product.

Should I invest in a Moldavite Ring?

The Moldavite Ring is made of natural, gemmy green material that is found in abundance in Czechoslovakia. The ring can be made out of just about anything, but it is typically made out of metal. It is typically worn on the thumb or index finger. The moldavite ring doesn’t come with an average price tag because it can be made out of one or many materials, but it will always be worth your investment because you are wearing a piece of history.

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