Everything about the Kelly Bag

Everything about the Kelly Bag

The original design

Do you know that the Kelly bag was not named Kelly originally? It was actually created by Émile-Maurice Hermès and Ettore Bugatti for the wife of Hermés Julie and named after Bugatti. The style of the bag was revolutionary because it is the first handbag to use a zipper pull. 

The story with Grace Kelly

The Kelly bag was named after the famous princess of Monaco – Grace Kelly who was a popular star before becoming the princess. The first “date” between Kelly and the bag was in the film setting scene “To Catch a Thief” starring Grace kelly. She “fell in love” with the bag according to Edith Head, the costume designer of the film. However, the most dramatic part was when Kelly was photographed using the handbag to shield her early pregnancy from the paparazzi in 1956, the picture was featured in Life magazine, due to the popularity of Grace Kelly, the handbag has become iconic immediately. Although the it was known as the Kelly bag since then, it was not officially renamed until 1977. Hermès has created 32 styles of handbags, but the this one is still the most wanted.

How much is the Kelly bag

Since the bag is quite historic, Hermès limited the production of the bag annually. Therefore the bag is very rare and hard to find. Normally, if you really want a this, you have to put your order in the house of Hermès in Paris, and wait up to a year to really have it. The bag is totally handmade and requires around 26 hours of craft work to finish. Certainly, it is quite pricey. A real Kelly handbag is around USD$7000-USD$50,000. Even the second hand bag is around USD$10,000 at least.

Here’s where to find Hermes Kelly Inspired Bags

No one can deny the status of the Kelly bag in fashion trends, and it is understandable that many fashion suitors want to have one. But are you willing to pay that much for a handbag? Will you consider some alternatives of the Kelly bag, such as a Kelly dupe bag, or a Kelly inspired bag? If you are on board for buying a dupe Kelly bag, here is where you can find some Kelly alternatives.

There are several websites where you can find Kelly designer dupe bags, however most of them are quite expensive for a dupe. Fortunately, we discover a website which sells many styles of kelly bags with a very reasonable price:

Compared with other websites for designer dupe bags, helloprettybags really has the advantages of the lowest price, comprehensive choices and the best quality. Here are some pictures of their Kelly dupe bag collection, you can see you have more choices in style.

The price arranges from USD$49 – USD$99, which is much cheaper than amazing dupes and handbagcrave. They also guarantee 14 days return in case you do not like the bag you receive. If you want to order your first bag, order directly from the website below!

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