Podemos Digital, The Sánchez-Ribera Relationship And The Congress ‘Bars’

In recent days, the critical situation that La Ultima Hora is going through has been much commented on., the digital newspaper put at the service of the interests of Podemos, headed by the former adviser of Pablo Iglesias in the European Parliament, Dina Bousselham.

The numbers reflect obvious difficulties, given that the profit and loss account shows a negative balance of more than 15,000 euros, while the company’s share capital does not exceed 3,000 euros. It is said that all these figures have not only been widely commented on social networks; A senior official in the current Podemos leadership has also been heard asking aloud: “But how does Bousselham spend the money?”

Apparently, what most surprises this leader of the balance sheet of La Último Hora is that the digital company allocates 100,000 euros to personnel expenses “It is a personal bet by Iglesias and he will not let it fall. Before that, he will press to involve the party in some way in his refloating, ” as they say in the environment of Podemos.

The energy crisis takes its toll on Sánchez and Ribera
It is commented in political circles that the tensions caused by the peaks of electricity in the wholesale market erode the, until now, exemplary relations between President Pedro Sánchez and his third vice president, Teresa Ribera. “Both have always been very in tune and have understood each other very well when making decisions,” recall those sources, who now observe a “distance” between the two parties. Those who defend this argument assure that it was “during the past summer” when Sánchez “began to object to the way in which Ribera was managing the crisis and now they have less contact.”

The hospitality industry near the Congress resurfaces
They tell in the already legendary bars and restaurants near the Congress that they finally see “the light at the end of the tunnel.” The fact that the attendance of the deputies to the plenary sessions and the committees has been normalized means that these premises recover what is practically their only habitual clientele: the deputies and their advisers.

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