Higher Health Technicians Announce Mobilizations If Their Qualification Is Not Equated To The European

The professional organizations that make up the commission for the academic update to university degree of the degrees of Higher Technician in Clinical and Biomedical Laboratory and Higher Technician in Pathological Anatomy and Cytodiagnosis have announced mobilizations if their degree is not equated to the European one. With their protests, they could be affected, for example, the performance of analytics or PCRs .

The committee, who have met with the aim of assessing the situation of these degrees and continue working together in favor of common objectives, urges the Government of Spain to unify these two Higher Level Vocational Training degrees into one academic qualification of University Degree of 240 ECTS.

“We consider that it is a claim that the authorities have to take into account since it falls within the scope of the European Higher Education Area. In all European countries, except in Spain, these two degrees are linked and are a university degree, less in Spain where they are segregated into two separate and professionally devalued degrees “, they warn.

“In the event that the competent authorities continue to delay and do not take seriously the requests made by the professional organizations of the Superior Sanitary Technicians, we will begin mobilizations in health centers and hospitals throughout the national territory. Activities such as analytics will be affected. and PCRs “, they point out.

Likewise, it has been proposed to work together with the Inter-Institutional Commission of Superior Technicians in Imaging for Diagnosis and Nuclear Medicine and Superior Technicians in Radiotherapy and Dosimetry to achieve the common objectives of our profession.

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