How Hard is PMP 2021 Edition Syllabus (A Step By Step Comparison)

Every 3-5 years, PMP conducts surveys to understand how the professions for project managers have changed with the impact of emerging technologies and project managers’ responsibilities. It is one of the very reasons why the demand for PMP certification is sky-high and why many new doors and opportunities knock after getting PMP certified.

The last time the research took place was in 2015, which led to the recent change in the PMP syllabus (the 2021 edition). And when you compare both syllabi, you see many changes, and the new syllabus solely focuses on modern-day project managers.

In this blog, we will compare how hard is the PMP 2021 edition syllabus in detail, and that will be later on. But for now, I have a question for you:

“Do you find the new syllabus hard?” If yes, you shouldn’t worry a lot, but start working smartly. And if you’re looking for some handy tips and resources, here is your thing: how to crack PMP certification, jump right in.

A Step By Step Comparison Between New and Old Syllabus

Before, the Syllabus was Based on 5 ECOs, but the Latest Syllabus Focuses on 3 ECOs.

The five ECOs were initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing. But according to the latest syllabus, the three ECOs are people, process, and business environment. The new outline is indeed radical but highly effective than all the previous ECOs.

And if you see the questions distribution, 42% from the people, 50% from the process, and 8% from the business environment. And if you look closely, the whole syllabus is more on the action taking — what project managers do and their efforts to complete the work.

Why Agile Concepts Has More Weightage in the New Syllabus

For the first time, agile methodologies were introduced in PMP in 2001, and now it holds 50% of the syllabus. Why so?

Are you still wondering the same? So here are some reasons behind agile concepts:

For their evolutionary and flexible nature, agile concepts stand out to be the most popular approach to solve the most complex projects. In a nutshell, it’s an interactive and incremental approach that suits most of the modern-day workplace.

And according to 2018 reports, the projects using agile methodology are 28% more successful than other processes. And here are a few additional points to cement your thoughts about agile methods used in the top companies for managing projects.

  • The agile product is superior and has the best customer satisfaction.
  • For more transparency in the process, the agile methodology has more control and better prediction.
  • As agile works with small chunks, the risk is comparatively shallow and provides high flexibility.

Time and Questions Got Reduced To Make PMP Exam More Challenging

Previously, there were 200-question numbers, but according to the new Syllabus 2021, the latest numbers are 180 ( 20 questions got omitted.) And previously, the total time given for the PMP exam was 240 minutes, but again, the time got reduced by 10 minutes to 230 minutes.

And if you choose to apply online, you get ten more minutes of additional break, but if you go with pen and paper, there is no such break allocation. The questions you’ll get are the combination of multiple-choice, multiple responses, matching, hotspot, and fill in the blanks.

Prerequisites Remain Same As Earlier But PMBOK Guide, 7th edition, is Advised.

The prerequisites for the PMP exam remain the same as it was in the old syllabus.

But just like new updates in the syllabus and exam patterns, the PMI bodies also update the book every five to six years. The PMBOK Guide by PMI is one of the best books for PMP examination globally, along with PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy.

The previous editions were highly focused on waterfall models only. And the new edition, released on the 1st of July 2021, focuses on agile and hybrid concepts and is purely based on the latest syllabus.

Benefits With New PMP Syllabus Over The Existing One

Although the PMP exam indeed got a little tougher with the newest update, on the flip side, the PMP certification is recognized by 80 other countries globally. That opens many doors and opportunities and always provides additional advantages over primary qualifications. The new edition focuses more on agile and hybrid methodologies with higher success rates.

Final Words

With all the information above, you get a step-by-step comparison between both the syllabus. It confirms that the exam has gotten a little trickier, but you can crack the PMP exam on the first attempt by working smartly.

Now, what’s next? Join the best PMP training available online, develop a roadmap, and stick to it. Solve similar questions and simulated test papers to boost your confidence and correct your mistakes.

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