8 Virtual Team Building Activities Remote Team Love in 2022

importance of team building

Working in a team requires you to respect a variety of ideologies. This can be difficult, especially if you have a strong opinion. This is where the importance of team building comes into play. A weak connection between the working team can hinder the profits or work culture of a place. At the same time, a strong team bonding can help in creating a safe and fun place for people to work in. 

Companies like Breakout Escape Rooms are growing popular among big corporations such as Google and Microsoft for offering experiences that foster strong team bonding. But due to the pandemic, such team sessions had to take the backseat, which resulted in more pressure and less interaction among employees. 

The lesser interaction and stress of staying at home started to make them feel more detached and unenthusiastic to work. And hence, many companies introduced virtual team bonding activities for their remote employees to give them a break from all the hustle. If you are also looking for some team bonding activities for your team, then your search ends here. 

8 Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams 

Working in a team of hundreds or with just five people requires a great amount of teamwork. This teamwork now just helps in better work output but also makes sure that the employees are comfortable.  

1. Virtual escape room 

Escape rooms are the best way to include team bonding within your team. These rooms are specially designed to bring teams together and make them solve problems as a whole.  

There are a plethora of virtual escape rooms available online that aim at giving a 3D immersive experience to the players. If you love adventure and mysteries, then these escape rooms are the perfect place for you. The teams will not just learn about team bonding but also creative thinking, time management, and communication. 

2. Pub trivia happy hour 

If you are missing those after-office pub get-togethers with your team, then this is the perfect game for you. With a hilarious Scottish pub owner as the legendary host of this game, you can have a gala time. This game includes a pub quiz to test your bond and reminisce about the old meet and great days. You can have fun with your drinks and teammates for two hours here. 

3. Visit Paris 

This is a great team bonding activity that gives you an insight into the beautiful city of Paris and the challenges alongside. With 60 minutes in hand, you and your team will be led by a Parisian, who will take you on the city tour. 

The host will take you through typical stereotypes and tear them up. You can ask your guide about anything you like, and no question is just “out there.” If you are keen on learning the Parisian culture and visiting the beautiful city, then this can be the perfect game for you. 

You can book a time slot according to your company and have a gala for 60 minutes. 

4. The Ice-cream Float Experience  

This is a live, fully interactive, and fun experience. You can rediscover your joy of making ice cream and indulge in some amazing root beer, orange soda, or cherry float. This activity is perfect for remote teams as you can indulge yourself in a 30-minute-long activity. 

The game hosts will deliver the kits right in front of your house. The making of the ice cream is extremely fun. 

5. Virtual cheese and beer pairing 

Are you looking for the perfect happy hour game or your team? Then, this is the perfect game that offers gourmet tasting boxes. The expert guides will entertain and educate the team about the ins and outs and the pairing of craft beer with cheese and chocolates.  

The virtual team-building activities can accommodate the team size and customise the events according to your needs. This game also includes branded swag, gifts, note cards, and other personal touches to the tasting boxes. You can sip delightful Lavender lemonade or the scrumptious spicy margarita. 

6. The Great Cooking Challenge 

This is a great cooking challenge for teams to experiment with their recipes and have fun at the same time. You can have a social get-together or celebrate time with your family.  

Whether it’s mouth-watering pasta or delicious snacks, you can serve your cravings and bond with your team.  

7. Virtual Clue Murder Mystery 

This is the perfect game for all murder mystery lovers. The main character Neil Davidson has been murdered, and the authorities have suspected something fishy. You have to gather your team to play online and collaborate to crack the mystery of the crime. Will you be able to do so with your team? 

8. The Team Quest 

If you are looking for some team working and something to socialise with, then this can be the perfect game for your remote team. The host of the game will split the group and guide you through a series of mini-games like Trivia, Pictionary, Karaoke, Guess the Celebrity or Emoji Riddles, and more.  

The games and inclusive sessions like photo booths will keep the fun going. You can also customise your games with different themes and challenges. 


Whether you are dealing with a big team or an intimate circle of co-workers, these activities can help rekindle the bond among individual teammates effectively. Your choice should boil down to what you feel your team needs the most out of a virtual team-building session. Accommodating everyone’s specific taste might not be possible, but you still need to assess if your chosen activity has enough engagement points to allow individual participation along with teamwork. 

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