10 Things You Need to Coordinate For an Unforgettable Girls’ Trip

There’s nothing quite like female camaraderie and all of the great things that go with it such as loyalty, fun, inspiration, and empowerment. A girls’ trip is one of the best ways of spending free time together, enjoying a great adventure, and relaxing with your besties. Before you pack your bags, travel experts are sharing some of their favorite tips on how to coordinate for one, unforgettable time!

1. Sit Down With The Group

Don’t buy that new bikini just yet. First, gather your girlfriends and chat. This needs to be a collaborative effort, and when done the right way, you can avoid unnecessary drama.

Each member of your group can have an assignment such as looking up lodging and activities information, choosing travel dates, finding cool restaurants, etc.

2. Decide On A Travel Budget

Again, every voice matters in the group, so have a discussion about the type of trip you would like to plan. For example, is this a luxury vacation or a more budget-friendly kind of getaway? Before you make big-ticket purchases, ensure that everyone is on board and agrees to the total trip cost.

3. Lock In A Date

You’ve got your destination, and now, it’s time to find a travel date that works for everyone. According to the experts, you want to do this well in advance. Traveling is tons of fun, but it requires good planning and organization. For instance, start looking about three months in advance so that you can lock in and nail down a few hotel deals. 

Also, opting for a private jet charter is the ultimate way to go for an unforgettable girls’ trip. Some of the conveniences feature increased safety standards, flexibility in scheduling, avoidance of layovers, not having to deal with airport stress, no baggage fees, and more.

4. Pack Coordinated Wardrobes

Even what you pack should be part of the discussion with your girlfriends. Collaborate on your wardrobes. You don’t want to be the only one with a suitcase full of tees, jeans, and sneakers while the other gals have brought fancy heels and dresses for those fabulous girls’ nights out.

Get on the same page about the garments you may need for each activity.

5. Promise To Travel Lightly

It’s no secret that most women like to pack just about everything in their suitcases but the kitchen sink. Coordinate efforts on stuff like shampoos, bath essentials, makeup, hairdryers, etc. It’s helpful to share your stuff and cut down on the luggage.

The same goes for those addictive technological devices. Leave some hardware at home.

6. Know The Rules Of Engagement

Safety always comes first, so establish a “girl code” and stick with it when you arrive at your destination. Will you have a designated driver if alcohol is involved? How will the sleep arrangements be set up, etc.? Establish the rules of engagement for your group.

7. Create An Awesome Hashtag

You’ll document your fantastic adventure on social media, so come up with a cool hashtag you can all use to coordinate your recorded memories, photos, and fun when you post them.

8. Relax And Be Flexible

You want to pack in as many activities as you can while on your getaway, but travel pros suggest relaxing and keeping your schedule open and flexible. Avoid making an itinerary that uses up every minute. Chill out, visit, and do the things you can, and don’t run yourself ragged.

9. Ladies, Spoil Yourselves

An unforgettable girls’ trip means treating yourself and doing things you never have a chance to explore. Let your hair down, and pamper yourself. That could mean extra shopping, a spa moment, a champagne brunch, etc.

10. Leave The Work At Home

Seriously, a getaway should be all about the present and letting your hair down. Don’t carry work with you. Plan ahead for a work-free vacation.

Bottom Line

If anyone deserves a girls’ trip for non-stop fun and adventure, it’s you and your amazing squad. Follow the guidelines explained above, and make lasting memories!

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