Tips on becoming a morning person

morning person

For many of us, waking up early in the morning just does not come naturally. If snoozing your alarm is your best skill, or you simply put your alarm on as late as possible, then join the crowd. In fact, nearly 60% of people say they are not a morning person. While some people may find it easy to wake up and be bounding with energy, 

Create a night routine 

Enabling a night routine will encourage your body to fall asleep at approximately the same time every night as well as fall into a deeper sleep. This means your body will get the 7-9 hours of sleep it needs, allowing you to wake up early and feel refreshed. Everyone’s night routine is unique to them but you should incorporate elements that you know help you wind down and additional steps which you know you enjoy. The more common steps are a shower, tea, book or Netflix. You know yourself what you are naturally drawn to, so invest time into these. You may also need to experiment with new and different steps. If you’ve never been one to read before, try it out, or try pillow mist or other additions to your routine.

Set your environment up to make it easier to get up

Think about those mornings your alarm has gone off and you’ve groaned, rolled over and turned your alarm off straight away. There are ways you can help to avoid this. For example, during the winter you may find it impossible to get out of your warm bed. Simply counteract this by setting up your space to be warm when your alarm goes off through putting your ducted heat pump or radiator on a timer schedule. If it’s dark and you struggle to keep your eyes open, switch your lights on as soon as you wake. If you find yourself falling back asleep, get out of bad straight away and do the old trick of splashing water on your face. Whatever your unique struggles are, alter your environment to make it easier for you.

Time management

Time management is key to ensure you get the right amount of sleep so you can actually wake up early. Of course, lack of sleep will not in any way encourage you to wake up earlier than you need to. In addition to this, time management will ensure you get everything you need to get done earlier so you can wind down for the night and go to sleep earlier. Enable a routine that works for you and cut out procrastination or any steps that are essentially time wasters. Look at how time management comes into play when people become parents – every act has a purpose. In this same way, implement time management to help you wake up earlier.


The final tip is to be consistent. Don’t spend one or two mornings a week waking up early. Your body cannot adjust. It actually takes 66 days of repetition for a human to get used to a new routine or habit. To be a morning person, you need to be consistent. You can allow yourself to sleep in on the weekend as a recharge but overall, you need to wake up at the same time most mornings.

Olivia Fairhurst is a content manager for Future Energy, a sustainable energy solutions company providing ducted heat pumps, solar power panels, EV chargers and more.

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