What You May Want to Know About Vape to Cigarette Calculator

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Vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years. Some people are of the opinion that it is safe with no side effects while others say it is as equally harmful as smoking traditional cigarettes. Even with this difference in opinion, many people regularly compare vaping with smoking cigarettes and wonder whether they will get a stronger nicotine hit from vaping or smoking. Essentially, vaping has been used by many people who are trying to quit smoking. It is therefore very important that they are aware of how much nicotine they are consuming and what the equivalent number of cigarettes would be. It should be noted that there isn’t a universal rule for any vape to cigarette calculator. This is because cigarettes and vapes come in different strengths and flavours. This article points out what you may want to know about vape to cigarette calculators.

Nicotine levels in cigarettes and e-liquids

‘How much nicotine does one cigarette have?’, ‘Is there nicotine in e-liquids?’ These are some of the most commonly asked questions about vapes. Before you can understand a vape to cigarette calculator, it’s important to check the basics of the level of nicotine in both cigarettes and e-liquids. Generally, cigarettes contain between 8 mg and 20 mg of nicotine per cigarette. This is not to say that you absorb all of it since most of it is burned in the process. Nicotine levels in e-liquids are also measured in milligrams. The level might differ depending on the size of the vape tank but the current standard level is between 0 mg and 12 mg. Luckily, if you go for vaping, you can choose an e-liquid that suits you at the right nicotine level.

Puffs of a vape pen in comparison to a cigarette

Vape pens can be used with e-liquids that contain a small amount of nicotine or none at all. This means that you would have to vape more to take in the same amount of nicotine equivalent to one cigarette. Now that we already know the mg of nicotine in one cigarette, we need to figure out how many puffs you should take to come close to an actual cigarette. An average e-juice bottle is 1 ml and a single ml contains about 100 puffs. This is equivalent to 10 cigarettes. This is just an estimate but you can get more precise information using the vape to cigarette calculator from ePuffer. It should also be noted that this is puffing, not the amount of nicotine absorbed. Some people also inhale bigger hits when vaping while others take smaller ones.

Vaping and smoking at the same time

There is a good number of people who smoke and vape at the same time. We have already established smoking is more harmful compared to cigarettes. A recent study shows that many smokers have taken up vaping to reduce the number of cigarettes they consume. In relation to the vape to cigarette calculator, there have been questions about whether it is safe to smoke and vape at the same time. If you are going to take up both, the end goal should be to quit smoking altogether. It will give you a similar sensation to smoking which will help you reduce your tobacco intake.

The ideal nicotine formula

Based on recent research, below are the figures for the amount of nicotine present in the specific number of puffs.

09 puffs = 0.72mg

10 puffs = 0.80mg

11 puffs = 0.88mg

12 puffs = 0.96mg

13 puffs = 1.04mg

14 puffs = 1.12mg

15 puffs = 1.20mg

16 puffs = 1.28mg

This formula gives us a general idea of how much nicotine there is in one cigarette.

Vape to cigarette calculator rule of thumb

There are quite a few variables involved, so to make this easier for anyone with questions, researchers have come up with a simple formula. Those who smoke half a pack of cigarettes should try e-liquids at less than 6 mg while those who smoke more than half can try between 6 and 12 mg. Those who smoke a full pack of cigarettes should go for e-liquids with 12-20 mg of nicotine. To ensure that you get the same nicotine hit, the idea is to take long slow draws on your vape pen.

Bottom line

Vaping is definitely safe than smoking cigarettes. E-cigarettes are the new trend that will continue to change recreational smoking. Knowledge of the vape to cigarette calculator is important especially if you are transitioning.

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