5 Unique Game Sets If You’re a Fan of Monopoly

Generations of families and friends have played the timeless board game Monopoly. The game revolves around buying, selling, and maintaining real estate, a fun way to kill time and participate in some friendly rivalry. If you enjoy playing Monopoly, consider increasing your collection with some fresh and unusual game sets. Here are five different game sets that are ideal for fans of Monopoly.


Catan, formerly known as “Settlers of Catan,” is the perfect game for groups of players. It was created by Klaus Teuber and debuted in 1995 in Germany. The goal of each player is to take on the role of a settler attempting to exchange resources and develop their land. Players score points for the growth of a property or colony. The winner is the one who scores ten points first.

This game is strategy-based and has similarities to Monopoly in accumulating wealth. Interesting fact: Catan has won numerous honors over the years and was one of the original German games to gain popularity outside of Europe.

Machi Koro

Greetings from Machi Koro City! Because becoming the greatest mayor of the town is everyone’s desire. There cannot be more than one, though. Like in Monopoly, you must take control of the regional economy in order to maintain your position. While defeating your rivals, increase your own wealth!

Build the city’s infrastructure and entertainment while addressing the populace’s issues. Earn money and, when possible, profit from other players. Machi Koro is a simple travel and rapid setup option because it doesn’t require a playing board. Like Monopoly, it also plays more quickly. Machi Koro is your alternative board game if you want to play Monopoly quickly and on the go!

Hotel Tycoon

Similar to Monopoly, a game set that comes closest is Hotel Tycoon. In order to move across the board, players roll dice, seeking to buy as many hotels as they can in the hopes that they will land on their hotel and have to spend so much for a stay that they become bankrupt. The more upscale the hotel a player purchases, the more they can pay visitors who check in at the entrance gate.

Like Monopoly, Hotel Tycoon needs a banker, and when players cross the yellow line next to the bank, they win $2000. Similar to Monopoly, there are plenty of bad luck events that can occur to frustrate and upset players. Players must also sell off the hotels and properties if they run out of cash.

Once you make a mistake, you run out of resources and are left without any land or hotels. The winner of the game and the Tycoon with Monopoly on hotels is the last player standing with land, money, or both.


Pit was first released in 1904, making it almost as old as Monopoly but being a lot less well-known and having a significantly more detailed history than the latter. The fact that players can trade with one another and place bids on various commodities brings to mind the board game Monopoly. Parker Brothers initially created Pit, but Hasbro has now taken over the game’s production.

The game is fast-paced, uses custom playing cards, and is the first of its kind. It is similar to Monopoly Deal. For enthusiasts with a history in board and card games, it’s a must-have, but anyone may enjoy playing it.


The game’s objective is to “plant” bean cards, then collect your crop and sell it for gold. This is a slight farm-based variation on the card dealing formula. Playing Bohnanza is made even more enjoyable by the beautifully cartoonish illustrations on the cards. Since Bohnanza is a little more complicated than Monopoly Deal. The card game set is complicated, so it is not for kids. If you want a change of pace from the property dealing of Monopoly Deal, there is plenty of fun to be had with Bohnanza.


Fans of the classic board game have access to a wide variety of unique and entertaining Monopoly game sets, of which the ones listed above are just a few examples. Every one of these games can keep you, your friends, and your family occupied for a long while.

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