Sustainable Companies from Around the World

prioritising sustainability

As countries across the world compete to achieve net zero, the world has become more concerned around the climate crisis than ever before. In order to achieve carbon neutrality, the UK has committed to invest £90 billion by 2050. This has changed the way the public are consuming goods, with research by Recycling lives showing that 81% of consumers prioritise sustainable businesses.

This article will explore three companies from around the world who are prioritising sustainability. Here, we consider the ways you can alter your business operations to reach carbon neutrality. Whether you plan to use renewable energy or recycled packaging, business owners can find ways to combat climate change.

Logitech: carbon offsetting  

Originating in Switzerland, Logitech is a global company that designs technologies, such as gaming keyboards, wireless mice, and mobile devices. Sustainability is at the heart of its designs. In fact, 25% of new Logitech products are made with its Design for Sustainability principles.  

Design for Sustainability describes the process of curating products with minimal carbon emissions, from packaging to the production process itself. This is part of Logitech’s strategy to reduce emissions, use renewable energy, and restore the environment.

The third section of this strategy refers to carbon offsetting, whereby a business reduces its carbon emissions and compensates for any unavoidable greenhouse gasses it produces. To do this, companies purchase carbon credits through gas consumption and use these to fund environmental projects. There are many companies that provide carbon offsetting projects, such as the South Pole Carbon Credit Programme.

Logitech plans to reabsorb over 1 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year. In 2021 alone, nature-based projects planted more than 40 million trees with carbon credits from Logitech. Over time, this will absorb enough carbon emissions to make the Swiss company carbon neutral.

Unilever: renewable energy 

A multinational corporation, Unilever produces everyday household goods for over 400 brands, including Lipton and Dove. The company employs 149,000 people across 54 countries and aims to make sustainable living the norm.

As well as sustainably sourcing 67% of its raw materials, the company is working towards using 100% renewable energy. Unilever is part of the RE100 campaign, where businesses pledge to exclusively use renewable electricity. The company purchases renewable grid electricity to power their factories, warehouses, offices, and distribution centres.

In 2021, Unilever has reduced its carbon emissions by 1 million tonnes. Considering this enormous saving on carbon emissions, companies all around the world can take inspiration from Unilever.

Amcor: recycled packaging

An Australian company, Amcor creates packaging with the environment in mind. To do this, Amcor partners with other businesses to improve the sustainability of their current packaging. Some of their more well-known partners include Lipton and Nestlé.

The company offers a range of sustainable options, including recyclable, compostable, and reusable coverings. This is made possible through the use of bio-based materials and post-consumer recycled resin.

Amcor has even produced a prototype for Australia’s first food flexible packaging made from recycled materials. Waste from this packaging can be reduced into oil and reused. A step in the right direction, Amcor is leading the way for businesses to create products wrapped in environmentally friendly packaging.

Overall, businesses around the world are adapting and becoming more sustainable. These are three examples to give you the inspiration to make your business carbon neutral. It won’t happen overnight, but the pay-off will be enormous. As well as lowering your carbon emissions and saving the environment, sustainable companies are more likely to attract customers. So, stay on top of the current market and think with the environment in mind.

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